Cleaning Makeup Brushes

27 Sept 2012

A picture of products for cleaning makeup brushes

When I first began my blog one of the first posts I made was on cleaning your make up brushes and why it is an important step both for making makeup application easy and flawless as well as preventing spots and blemishes from taking residence on your skin! Well as that was five months ago and I not only have a lot more brushes but also a different routine for washing them, I thought I would do an updated post. And here it is! So, why exactly is it important to clean your makeup brushes?

Every time we use our makeup brushes they build up product. They collect germs and bacteria which then transfer onto your makeup products and your face when you next use them. These germs and bacteria contribute to spots and blemishes, something none of us want! The more often you clean your makeup brushes, the cleaner they are, and the less likely you are to transfer these nasties onto your products and face. 

A picture of how to clean makeup brushes
I use three different products to clean my makeup brushes. The E.l.f. brush shampoo, a Carex sensitive hand wash and a No7 luxurious foaming shower oil. The E.l.f. brush shampoo is super reasonable at £3.75 for 120ml. My bottle has lasted me absolutely ages so far, so it's not only super cheap, but well worth the money too. I use this on my brushes which haven't had much use in between the previous wash, and particularly on brushes which have been used on powder products. The Carex sensitive hand wash is what I turn to if any of the powder product on my brushes is being a bit stubborn, such as highly pigmented blushes and is also super cheap at roughly £1 a bottle! The No7 luxurious foaming shower oil is the best thing I have so far found for brushes which are used in cream or liquid products, such as foundation or cream eyeliners and my eyebrow kits. This is a little pricer at £9.95 per 200ml bottle but I get all my No7 products when I have the £5 off vouchers, so that way it works out quite cheap. I do use this as a shower wash when having a pampering shower, but the oil in the product is just amazing at getting cream and liquid product off of my brushes! 

Other kinds of brush cleaning

I also condition my larger brushes every few weeks. I just use a conditioning treatment for my hair, coat the larger brushes in them and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. It just keeps the bristles soft as some brushes can get rough when you've had them for a while and use them a lot. Something else I do is 'spot cleaning'. This is just when you clean your brushes in between uses. To do this I use the E.l.f. Brush Cleaner. I simply spray it on to my brushes after using them and use a tissue to work it in and get the product off. Not all the product comes off this way but a lot does and it also helps to disinfect your brushes between uses! 

A picture of makeup brushes
Once I have cleaned all of my make up brushes I lay them out on a towel to dry. A great tip is to roll one end of the towel and place the brushes so that the handles lay on the higher section of the towel. This ensures any water stays at the bottom (brush) end of the brushes and doesn't collect in the handles, which can damage your brushes. They differ in how long they take to dry. Smaller brushes such as eye brushes can take only a couple of hours, whereas larger brushes will take overnight to dry. I make sure I wash my brushes at least once a week. If I am using makeup and makeup brushes everyday, I want them to be as clean as possible! 

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?