GOSH Medium Instant Tan Gel

17 Sept 2012

A picture of GOSH Medium Instant Tan Gel
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am currently involved in a blogger project called Tans for Women of Colour. The project includes 11 lovely bloggers (including myself) who are olive, brown and black skinned, trying out different brands and tanning products to see whether they really work for the skin tones they say as well as showing that tanning products are as much for us naturally tanned and dark lovelies as they are for pale beauties. Last week we started off the project with a review of Abi-O BeauBronz, a beautiful brand with lovely products I really enjoyed using. You can read my first post for the project and review of BeauBronz, here. Today I am going to be reviewing the latest tanning product I have been trying out and that is the GOSH Instant Tan Gel in Medium.

If your naturally tanned, why use tanning products?
This is a question I have been asked a lot over the past week since the project went live both by other bloggers and friends whom I have told about the project. And before I answer this much asked question, I have a question of my own. Why not? For me, I am naturally tanned with olive skin due to my Cypriot background. I want to tan, and find the perfect tanning product, because although I have that natural tan, it's not overly intense. I tan very easily when I am on holiday, but in the UK sunshine, which is oh so very rare, tanning is a rarity for me. When summer comes around, I feel pale against those paler Brits who get lovely summer tans (although I'm never quite jealous of those who burn and turn into lobsters for the summer) I like to tan and be more tanned because my legs are far paler than the rest of my body. Plus, I have scars that I want to be less visible and overall, it makes me feel more confident in myself when I have a lovely overall tan. So why shouldn't I want to achieve that? The same goes for those darker than me. For a lot of girls it's about evening skin tone, smoothing the appearance of their skin, covering scars and pigmentation. I don't think anyone 'shouldn't' be allowed to tan and that's what this project is about. Women of colour, can tan too. 

An untanned arm, prior to applying GOSH Medium Instant Tan Gel
The GOSH Instant Tan Gel is advertised as being ideal for both the face and body (although I personally would not put this on my face) It boasts that it gives your skin a beautiful, instant and natural looking tan that easily washes of with soap and water. So this is a temporary tan and (so long as you aren't a dirty bugger and wash everyday) is a one day tan solution that's easy to get rid of by the end of the day. OK, so far, so good. It is free from DHA (this is the ingredient which actually tans skin in tanning products. For darker beauties, a DHA of at least 8% is needed for any kind of tanning to occur) It claims to apply easily, sink in easily and dry easily, too! I would like to point out now that GOSH is a cruelty-free brand and that is one thing I was chuffed about with this product. 

As usual before any tanning I followed two simple and easy steps for preparation. 

Step one - Exfoliate
I exfoliate almost daily in the shower anyway, but before self-tanning or even salon tanning, it is a really important step to ensure your tan goes on and lasts as beautifully as possible. Exfoliating removes any oils, built up product and dead skin cells. Not only leaving your skin smoother, but allowing products to sink in easier, and work better. Usually I exfoliate after washing, but before tanning I will exfoliate first, then wash, just to make sure no oils from the exfoliator cling to my skin, which could prevent the tanning product from doing it's job!

Step two - Moisturise 
This step is a must! If your skin is dry, it won't allow the product to sink in. So make sure you moisturise and that your skin isn't dehydrated, but instead soft and smooth. I prefer to use body butters opposed to body lotions as I find them more moisturising on my elbows, knees and feet. But either will work just as well. Ensure it is fully worked in and fully dry before applying the tanning product.

A tanned arm after applying GOSH Medium Instant Tan Gel
So what do I think of the GOSH Instant Tan Gel? To be honest, I'm not sold. When I squirted some on to my arm, it came out very, very dark, almost a black brown. It was easy to blend in and apply all over, but it did take some real good blending in on my behalf. I also found on my upper arm, there was a bit I didn't manage to blend perfectly and so it streaked. But the colour of the streak was a dark muddy brown - not nice! My hand after applying it on just the one arm, was a bright orange brown. I instantly went and washed my hand with soap and water, as directed on the product. But it didn't budge. To get it off I had to use a very dry, rough body exfoliator on my hands, and most of it did come off but it was still a touch darker than my other palm (This taught me to buy a tanning mitt, which I have ordered and hope arrives soon!) The colour itself, at first, wasn't too bad on my arm. There was a line on my wrist, because I just found it impossible to blend in that area without turning my hands orange. But as the hours went on, it didn't look like a nice tanned colour, instead it started to look dull and muddy, like where it has streaked. 

For me, this wasn't a good product. And I was happy to wash it off by the end of the day. Would I repurchase? No. Would I try it again? Sure, I actually plan to try it again when the tanning mitt arrives and maybe then the results will be different. If this was a sample sized product which had enough for one use in, I definitely wouldn't be rushing out to repurchase. Sorry GOSH, you just don't pass Tealady's #TFWOC test! The GOSH Instant Tan Gel comes in two shades, light and medium, and is £7.69 for 150ml. You can buy it from Superdrug stores nationwide, as well as on the Superdrug website, here.