GHD Style & Protect Set

12 Sept 2012

A picture of GHD Style & Protect Set

GHD is a Worldwide renowned brand, known best for their straighteners. But what about styling products? Well I have been sent the Style & Protect GHD set to try for myself and see just how well GHD fair on styling products and whether they perform as well as their much loved straighteners. The Style & Protect set comes with a paddle brush, two sectioning clips, a straight and smooth spray and a final shine spray. Everything you need to style your hair from start to finish.

First off lets talk tools. The GHD paddle brush is pretty darn huge and very sturdy, but it doesn't feel too heavy. It moves effortlessly through my hair, gets through tangles easily without snagging and I've also used this whilst straightening my hair, and found it perfect for straightening large sections of hair at once. I also really like the design of this brush, which is finished off with a silver end, embossed with the GHD logo. The sectioning clips are something I had a right geek-fest over. As an ex hair-stylist, I use sectioning clips and bulldog clips on a daily basis. One thing which irritates me about a lot of sectioning grips is that they slide out, don't stay put and can also snag the hair when you take them out. The GHD sectioning clips don't do this. They stay in place, with no slipping and sliding, and when you go to take them out they don't snag or pull on your hair. Lovely!

A picture of GHD Style & Protect Set
The Straight and Smooth spray is best for normal/fine hair and is a lightweight spray which aims to create straighter, smoother hair whilst also protecting your hair from heat damage. To use you simply spray throughout your hair on damp hair before blow-drying. Alternatively you can also use this on dry hair just before using straighteners. I've found when using this it not only helped straighten and smooth my hair, but it also really made my hair feel soft. The Final Shine spray is a finishing spray which adds a healthy, glossy shine to your finished style. It's lightweight and adds shine and gloss whilst also calming static and flyaway hairs, leaving a polished finish. Shine sprays are actually products I stray away from; my hair is naturally oily and can be a bugger with a lot of finishing products because they often leave my hair feeling greasy and slick, opposed to sleek and polished. This however, didn't have that affect on my hair. It just gave a nice glossy finish to my hair which was lovely as well as keeping away the frizz. 

A picture of GHD Style & Protect Set
I really liked using this set. GHD isn't a brand I would automatically think of for styling products. I have a set of GHD straighteners which I have had since I was 18 (and now at 24, they are seriously reaching retirement *sob*) and I don't think I would ever turn to another brand for straighteners. But for styling products, they've never been at the forefront of my mind. When I was training as a hair stylist a lot of the products we used in College were by GHD, but this was a good seven years ago now and the products then, weren't much to write home about. This set however has really changed for the better my opinion on GHD styling products and I am happy to say I was really impressed!

The GHD Style & Protect set can be purchased from the GHD website and costs £39.