Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape

27 Sept 2012

Di Palomo is a brand which creates bath and body products ranging from perfumes and body oils, to bath elixirs and cleansing bars, to at-home spa essentials. They have four ranges with different scents and themes, and one which caught my attention straight away, was the Wild Fg & Grape range. Two of my favourite fruits to eat, I just knew these would smell amazing. And I was right! 

A picture of Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Perfume and Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Dry Oil
The Wild Fig & Grape Eau De Parfum is a rich, modern fragrance with notes of grape and gardenia, as well as ripe fig, orange blossom and mimosa, and a sensual base of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. I've never tried anything with the scent of wild fig and grape which is why I was so excited to try these, and this perfume... just wow. It reminds me of Cyprus. That may make you wonder why but as some of you know, my family is Cypriot. It's been a few years since I was there but there are a few things which remind me of 'home'; watermelons, frappes and figs. This scent really, really, really reminds me of Cyprus. The scent of fig is beautiful and the grape reminds me of family gardens with grape vines growing. It's just beautiful and every time I wear it, I feel happy and just so utterly content. A 50ml bottle of this costs a very reasonable £22. I see this becoming a regular favourite perfume of mine....

The dry oil, also Wild Fig and Grape, smells just as beautiful. I like body oils and have tried a few from different brands over the years but one thing I have noticed is that I prefer dry oils. I prefer an oil which you can spritz on yourself, as I find they are less messy and also last longer. The Palomo dry oil is a unique blend of luxurious oils and vitamin E which instantly absorb in to the skin. It can also be used as an intensive leave in conditioner, but I haven't braved that just yet! Like the perfume, the scent is strong but not overpowering. The scent of grape is the one which pulls through the most for me and the scent is also deeper, I think. I love how this makes my skin look and feel. I always feel like I am really pampering my skin when I use this and as if I am a proper grown up with proper grown up special product. It comes in a 50ml bottle with costs £15 and because a little goes a long way, and its in spray form, I think it's going to last a while. I will very happily repurchase this when it runs out. 

These two beautifully scented products have made me feel content. They've reminded me of home and brought back happy memories (and utter longing to go back for a holiday) and I just cannot express how much I love them. I also adore the packaging. A simple and classic design which to me, is really attractive. I've also kept the little paper leaves on the bottles because I think they are so cute and such a nice touch. I see both of these being products I use and use over the Autumn and Winter months because the scents are just so perfect to bring a little bit of happiness to a cold and cosy day. I have also been looking at the gift sets from this range and have my eye on a couple as Christmas gifts for my mother dearest and sister-in-law. I know they will love them just as much as me!

A picture of Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Perfume and Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Dry Oil