Benefit Browzings VS MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

17 Sept 2012

One of the things I get asked about the most, whether it be in comments here on my blog, over Twitter or Instagram or even in real life, is what I use to do my eyebrows, and how. I'm still figuring out how quite to go about doing a 'tutorial' post on how I do them, but I can definitely tell you what I use and that is what I am going to do today. But with a twist.

I first started doing my brows when I was 21, but with a pencil. And boy oh boy was I terrible at it. I used to actually draw a line around my eye-brows and fill them in. Eyebrow fail 101 girls. Do not take that approach! It has taken me a couple of years, lots of different products and brands and a hella'lotta'practice to get my brows how I want them each day. And I still can't do them how I'd 100% want them to be. But I'm getting there. 
A picture of Benefit Browzings and MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

The Benefit Browzings is a kit which comes in three shades; light, medium and dark. It comes with a wax, a powder, two mini brushes and some mini tweezers. At £22.50, it's quite a pricey brow kit (but by far not the most expensive one I've seen) but it is so long lasting. I've had mine since October 2011, I used it every day without fail and for the first 2-3 months I was (when I was a bit brow obsessed) re-applying more than once a day. There's still about 1/3 of the powder left, and 1/4 of the wax left. So very long lasting and well worth the investment, in my eyes anyway. I was actually recommended this by my tattooist, and I've never looked back. It's kind of my prized, holy grail, makeup possession. There are a few ways to use this and I won't go in to all the ways because if you want to know that badly you can always check out the Benefit website and product information, here. But basically I use both the wax and powder together and just use them to fill my brows in. One thing I have learnt when doing my brows - Stick to the hair you have. Try and make them longer, thicker, wider, more curved, etc, etc, etc, and most times, you'll look like you have caterpillars for eyebrows. Now I loved Busted and would happily have let Matt Willis take me for a Nando's date, but I do not want the Charlie Simpson look.

A picture of Benefit Browzings and MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit
About three weeks back MUA launched a few new products and one of them was the Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit. You can find it on the MUA website, here, and it will soon be in stores which stock the Pro range. When I saw it was only £3.50, I was super excited. I adore my Browzings, and yes it's lasted a long time, but if I could find an alternative for on the go which means I wouldn't have to replace my Browzings just yet, I was going to be one very happy Tealady. So when my 100 Day Challenge finished I made an online MUA order, getting some of the bits I'd been lusting after over the course of the challenge, and one of the products I bought (surprise, surprise) was the new brow kit. Available in only one shade/type, the MUA brow kit comes with three powders and a fixing gel. It also comes with some tweezers (which are rubbish and went straight in the bin) and a double ended brush, which I haven't used as I prefer to use my Real Techniques eyebrow brush (from the starter kit!)

When it arrived I was quite surprised by just how big it was. This was not going to be an option for on the go. It's almost double the size of my Browzings!! But how does it fair against my loved and adored Browzings? Well, for starters, I've only used the darkest shade and the fixing gel. The other two shades aren't appealing to me. They are advertised as being for highlighting and defining but to me, they are just a waste of space in a kit which could be half the size without them. The gel itself is something I am still getting used to. The wax in the Browzings kit is a lot thicker, and a lot easier to shape and mould my eyebrows with. Whereas this isn't very thick at all, in fact it barely keeps my eyebrow hairs in place. That said, the colour of the darkest powder, was a pleasant surprise for me. I was worried it wouldn't be dark enough, but it is. And is only a touch lighter than the shade of my Browzings. So that is for sure a positive. 

A picture of Benefit Browzings and MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit
But what about lasting power? When I use my Benefit Browzings, my brows last all day. They don't budge, slip or slide and they don't fade. They are there, looking like I've just done them, all day long. I'd like to say the same for the MUA kit, but unfortunately, I can't. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty long lasting, but by the end of the day it's faded, a little bit smudged and (I have no idea how else to explain this) not sweat proof. Now obviously when you buy a high-end product you pay for the quality (yes, some of us really do pay for quality over name and boasting status...) so to see the Benefit Browzings lasts so long is almost a guarantee. But MUA is a great brand, I have many, many MUA products and their eye-shadows are some of my favourite and most reached for. Their brow kit isn't horrendous, in fact despite my less than positive comparison (I'm far too loyal to my Browzings, OK?!) I do like it. Although I wish it was smaller, that the gel was thicker, or even a wax, I do like it. I would repurchase it, because it does work and do the job, and the lasting power could easily be fixed with a thicker fixing gel or wax. For £3.50 it's basically a bargain brow kit and I'm happy with it. But the clear winner here, for me, is my trusty and adored Benefit Browzings.