Abi-O BeauBronz London

10 Sept 2012

A picture of Abi-O BeauBronz London Shimmer Tan Boost and Abi-O BeauBronz Gradual Tanner
As a Cypriot girl, I have a natural tanned complexion and I am lucky enough to tan very easily in the sun. But sun-tanning can be very damaging to our skin, especially if we do not wear sun-creams and moisturisers with a high SPF. An alternative to a natural tan, is self tanning or tanning in salons. But as an already naturally tanned girl, I really struggle to find products which give me a healthy, natural glow. I find products can either have no effect whatsoever on my skin colour or they will merely leave an orange tinge, which lets admit it, no one wants. 

The first tanning brand and products me and the girls on the project have been trying is from Abi-O who is the wonderfully lovely owner of BeauBronz. Abi has developed the brand to ensure that the BeauBronz products do not contain parabens and only contain the highest quality ingredients. They are also completely cruelty-free, hurrah! The packaging of BeauBronz products is a golden bronze and white, which to me makes them look luxurious and special. I have been testing out two products for this project from BeauBronz, the gradual tanner and the shimmer tan boost.

After Applying Abi-O BeauBronz
But what about before tanning? There are a few simple must-have steps to follow before using any tanning products. I follow two simple steps before tanning, but others have more steps that they also follow. 

Step one - Exfoliate
I exfoliate almost daily in the shower anyway, but before self-tanning or even salon tanning, it is a really important step to ensure your tan goes on and lasts as beautifully as possible. Exfoliating removes any oils, built up product and dead skin cells. Not only leaving your skin smoother, but allowing products to sink in easier, and work better. Usually I exfoliate after washing, but before tanning I will exfoliate first, then wash, just to make sure no oils from the exfoliator cling to my skin, which could prevent the tanning product from doing it's job!

Step two - Moisturise 
This step is a must! If your skin is dry, it won't allow the product to sink in. So make sure you moisturise and that your skin isn't dehydrated, but instead soft and smooth. I prefer to use body butters opposed to body lotions as I find them more moisturising on my elbows, knees and feet. But either will work just as well. Ensure it is fully worked in and fully dry before applying the tanning product.

After applying Abi-O BeauBronz
The gradual tanner from BeauBronz is specially formulated to help extend and protect your natural, sunless tan. You can use this product daily for a longer lasting tan. It is paraben free, cruelty free and contains rose hip oil which helps to moisturise. It also contains bio active aloe vera and uses EcoCert approved DHA whoch results in a more natural and eco-friendly self tan. It has a very light and subtle fragrance, none of that over-powering self tan smell here! It also sinks in to the skin quickly and easily and left my skin feeling silky smooth. I applied this for the first time in the morning, and as the day went on I could notice a natural tanned glow appearing on my skin. As the day went on, my skin looked like it had a lovely natural glow! 

The shimmer tan boost from BeauBronz is marketed for tanned, brown or black skin. It is a light tanning product which contains bio active aloe vera and EcoCert approved DHA, as well as rose hip which moisturises. This product contains shimmer mica for a glistening gold appearance on the skin, enhancing any tan! Again there is no nasty over-powering scent here, just a beautiful, subtle scent of tanning. It goes on easily, leaving a lovely golden shimmer to your skin. I did end up with hands completely covered in gold shimmering glitter, but it washed off with no problems at all!

A picture of Abi-O BeauBronz London Shimmer Tan Boost and Abi-O BeauBronz Gradual Tanner
I've really enjoyed using both of these products. After just one day's application I saw a noticeable difference in the colour of my skin, giving me a healthy glow. After two days, the lovely glow progressed, looking more tanned. If I was to use this every day I am sure I would build up a really lovely natural-looking tan. And the shimmer tan boost is a lovely product, it made me feel as if I had a little bit of Katniss Everdeen in me! A lovely brand, which I look forward to exploring more and more.