Introducing Weleda

6 Aug 2012

OK, we've all gathered by now how much I absolutely adore natural brands. Weleda, is one such natural brand. Established for nearly a century, Weleda is the World's leading producer of antroposophical medicines and natural cosmetics. Their products are 100% pure and natural, certified by Natrue, and Weleda strive to use the purest, wild-crafted, biodynamic or organically grown ingredients. None of their products contain petroleum derived ingredients, synthetic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, GMOs and they do not partake in animal testing, so they are completely cruelty free, too! Today I am reviewing seven lovely products which were sent to me by the Weleda team. 

The Weleda body washes* work to gently cleanse your skin without drying it. There are five liquid body washes in the Weleda body wash range as well as two solid body washes. I have tried three of the liquid body washes in scents wild rose, citrus and sea buckthorn. The first one I tried was the citrus one which combines the essential oil of organic lemons to enliven the body and senses, while sesame oil helps protect from moisture wash. This smells lovely, and I don't think I've ever had a body wash with has sesame oil in it! The next one I used was the Sea Buckthorn body wash. This one took a little while to get used to scent wise; it's very strong. This body wash works to nourish your skin with biodynamic sea buckthorn oil, while essential oils from sundrenched oranges and grapefruit unfold a fresh, fruity aroma. The final body wash I tried was the wild rose body wash, and my golly gosh does it smell amazing! I was gutted when I finished it! It has a precious formulation of nourishing organic rosehip seed oil, blended with rose damascena essential oil to pamper your skin and senses. This was definitely my favourite of the three. Another great thing about these body washes aside from their beautiful natural and luxurious ingredients, is that they lather up so much! 

The other products from Weleda I have been trying are two body oils*, a face cream* and a hand cream*. There are five different scents available in the body oil range and I received sea buckthorn and citrus, to match the body washes I had been using. I used each of these after using the corresponding body wash and they are just beautiful! I have body oil sprays from No7, which I adore, but I've never actually used a proper body oil. The Weleda body oils are formulated from carefully selected plant, nut and seed oils and are enriched with plant extracts to nourish and restore your skin's protective barrier. As plant oils are compatible with the skin's fine lipid (fatty) layer, they are easily absorbed and provide lasting nourishment and protection. I adored using these and really want to try the lavender relaxing body oil and the wild rose body oil. 

Weleda have an entire skin care range with separate ranges designed for different people. Unlike a lot of products and brands which target a skin problem, Weleda's skin care range is orientated around your age. There are four ranges; iris hydrating facial care range which is for those in their 20's and regulates as well as preserving moisture balance, wild rose smoothing facial care range which is for those in their 30s and works to soften fine lines, the pomegranate firming facial care range which is for those in their 40s and on-wards, and works to reduce wrinkles and tautens, and finally the almond soothing range which is for all ages, for those with sensitive skin, which restores balance. I have been trying the soothing day cream from the wild rose smoothing facial care range. I have used this on days where I haven't worn any make up, but where the weather has been hot and when my skin generally tends to feel tighter. It is a lovely light moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed, as well as the gorgeous scent which stays around a while. I would really like to invest in the full size of this as I like to have a rose moisturiser around for days when my skin is feeling a little under the weather, and the rose moisturisers I currently have are for night time. 

The final product I want to share with you, is my favourite of all the Weleda products I have been trying. The pomegranate hand cream works to renew the skin, it contains certified organic shea butter, rich in fatty acids, which protects the skin from moisture loss, while natural planet extracts stimulate cell renewal to keep hands soft and refreshed. I am a massive hand cream fan, I use it all day! This one has been living in my hand bag for trying out on the go and I just love it. It smells gorgeous, it's lightweight, non-greasy or oily, and it leaves my hands feeling wonderful. It's just a very lovely hand cream that's well worth the investment.

But this isn't the full extent of Weleda's products. They also produce full skincare ranges, soothing balms, foot creams, lip balms, bath oils, cellulite oil, body scrubs, birch juice supplement, toothpastes and mouthwashes, deodorants, hair care, a huge range of mother and baby care products, as well as a variety of medicines and pain relief products. They literally do everything! They are natural, organic, animal friendly and cruelty free. And asethically, their products look and smell amazing, with super cute packaging. Weleda are a brand which show great care and detail in their products, with passionate ethics for the World. And for me, they deserve their place as the World's leading anthroposophical brand.