The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter

26 Aug 2012

A picture of The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter

If you read my 100 Day Challenge update # 11 you will now that I was a little bit naughty and made a cheeky purchase in The Body Shop. I wanted to share this particular purchase with you right away, because it's something I wasn't aware of until I saw them on the counter and I am fully behind what I believe to be a wonderful and inspiring idea and organisation!

On the till was a box. Within that box was a display of The Body Shop lip butters, three sealed boxes with slots on the top, and a tray of little green plastic coins. Intrigued, I asked the lady behind the counter what they were? And so she explained to me The Body Shop Foundation. The Body Shop Foundation is a foundation set up by The Body Shop and is a charitable trust which supports innovative projects all over the World working towards social and environmental change.

A picture of The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter
The product I purchased, which is not named scent wise but has a distinct passionfruit scent, costs £4. When you purchase it, all the proceeds go to one of the charities which The Body Shop Foundation support. In my case, I was offered three choices to which I could take one of those intriguing green circle discs, and place in to the box of the charity I wanted my £4 to go towards. I decided to put it donate my £4 to prevent animal testing - An issue I feel should have been resolved many years ago. 

I don't know about you, but I just think this is such a wonderful idea. It is refreshing to see a well known brand such as The Body Shop go out of there way in more ways than I ever realised, to make important changes in this World. And for all of the proceeds from each purchase to a charity, is wonderful. Not many do that - Instead just donating a percentage of the proceeds. So if you have a few extra pounds, fancy treating yourself to a delicious new lip butter and want to help support a good cause, pop down to your local Body Shop and pick one of these little wonders up! I'd love to know which charity you decide to donate your £4 to!

You can find out all about The Body Shop Foundation on the official foundation website, here. You can also purchase this lovely lip butter and make your donation both in store, or online, here

Information on The Body Shop Foundation