The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 9

10 Aug 2012

When I first started this challenge, I thought writing these weekly updates would be a tedious chore. But in actual fact, I quite enjoy them! It's nice to document my progress as well as showing you all the products I am lusting after. And it's always great hearing how other people are getting along and what they think of the products in each week's wishlist! So this is update # 9 and I have reached the end of my 10th week on the challenge, a long, long 70 days with just 30 days left to go! The end is in sight!! So what has made it on to this week's wish list?

Weleda Foot Balm / Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder

Moonie Muslin Cloths / theBalm Nude 'Tude' Palette

After last Sunday's #bbloggers chat I asked if anyone could recommend me a foot product which would help my feet. I have (if you're queasy, skip this bit) terrible dry feet with hard skin, and I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it! It makes me feel so embarrassed! I have tried God knows how many products and tools to try and fix it. I even have an at home foot spa, but nothing works for more than a day. So many of you lovely #bbloggers suggested various products to me, but the Weleda Foot Balm was the most suggested product! So I really want to try this now and see if it is as good as people say! I am a down to the core, bronzer girl. I have naturally tanned skin as I am Cypriot, and I just think bronzers suit me better than blushes. After seeing a fabulous review by Ysis who runs Le Beauty Girl, I am now lusting after this Maybelline Dream Terra Sun bronzing powder. It just looks so fab and right up my street! Next up we have Moonie. Moonie is a newly launched brand by the lovely Kia who runs Make Me Up Kia and they are special, different-from-all-others, handmade muslin cloths! They only launched this week and already I have seen some rave reviews, and I am dying to try them out myself! And finally, a brand I have only just recently heard of but one which has caught my eye. I saw the theBalm Nude 'Tude' Palette reviewed by gorgeous Sherrie who runs Beauty in the Mirror and her review and swatches have got me lusting after this beautiful palette!

So there's my wish list, four lovely items for me to want after. But how have I done this week? Well, another week down, another week of no spending. This challenge has actually so far been a blooming massive piece of toffee pavlova and super duper easy! I'm surprised because I am the type of girl who goes out shopping, doesn't have anything particular in mind I want to buy, yet comes home later £200 lighter laden with shopping bags. I adore shopping. Yet since I sat down and wrote my first post and promise to do this challenge, I haven't missed it. I haven't wanted to go shopping, I haven't cheated, I've fessed up the one time I spent £2 in Poundland (last week, all revealed in update # 8) and it's not driven me mad. I would seriously recommend this challenge to anyone who needs to save a bit of cash or has no restraint when it comes to spending money. Because if I can do it, anyone can!

Have you started The 100 Day Challenge? Let me know how you're getting on! If you have any of the products in this week's wish list I would love to know your thoughts on them! What products have you been lusting after this week? 

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