The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 8

3 Aug 2012

I have now completed my 9th week of the 100 Day Challenge, with just over a month to go, I have now done 63/100 days of this very, very long challenge! First things first, this week's wish list! There's not much on there this week! 

The Body Shop Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Scrub / Macadamia 

Origins Clear Improvement / The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter

So there we have it, just four items on this weeks challenge wish list! The first is a range I didn't even know The Body Shop did until I saw a lovely review from Thom who runs Manface, a lovely male grooming blog (I don't care if I don't have boy bits, his blog is definitely worth following, so check it out!) The way he described the ingredients and scent had my mouth watering and I have been lusting after this all week! Next up, Macadamia. I can't deny it any longer. I really want to try this brand. But they may probably end up staying on the wish list, as I'm not sure I could ever actually afford them! The Origins Clear Improvement mask is much talked about in the blogosphere at the minute and I particularly love reviews from Sophie who runs Candy Cane Heart and Laura who runs Lauzrah who have both reviewed this product and made me lust after it! And finally on this weeks wishlist, the Pink Grapefruit body butter from The Body Shop. I adore pink grapefruit, to eat and as a scent, and I sniff this every time I am in store! I want it!!

So wishlist aside, how have I done this week? 

OK, well, I have a confession to make. On Monday when in town with friends for lunch, I did go into the Poundland shop in town and buy two things for myself. A Stila tinted moisturiser and a Sally Hansen nail polish pen. These both (as you can guess from the shop) cost £1 each. But I didn't beat myself up over it - £2 in 9 weeks is not bad (I have obviously spent more than £2 in 9 weeks but there are certain things I can spend on which you can read in my original challenge post) 

If you are doing the challenge please do let me know how you are getting on! I would love to know :) Is anything on my wish list something you're lusting after? Do you own any of these? Let me know! 

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