The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 12

31 August

93 days done..... 7 to go. Can you believe it? I can't. I have so far been doing this challenge for 93 days. 13 weeks. 3 months, 1 week. And that time has gone so, so quickly. I thought I'd struggle. I thought I'd cave (a lot more than I have) But really? I'm going to miss this challenge. It's changed the way I look at spending money, in general. And that was one of the most important things I wanted to learn from this challenge. So, what's on my wishlist this week? 

As many of you will have gathered by now, I am a bronzer addict! So I would love to try the NYC Bronzer! I want to try the O.P.I Nail Envy just to see if it is as good as everyone says. I wonder if it will be as good as my favourite for nails - Nailtiques. My Benefit Browzings is my prized possession. But, after nearly a year, it is starting to hit retirement. Benefit Browzings is £22.50, so I want to try the Sleek Brow Kit which is a fraction of the prize, just to see if it is as good as everyone claims, and if it is a better alternative for me. And finally, I really, really, really want a Sigma brush kit!

So have I spent this week? Well I am happy to say that after my tiny spending last week, and my promise in the last update not to spend for the final two weeks, I haven't spent anything this week other than things allowed within my personal challenge rules! I am off in to town today though with the fella and his sister, so I hope I can resist. After all, there is only one more week! One week, how crazy is that? 

Next week I will be doing the last of these posts in this format. I will do an update, with a wish list. Then the following week I Friday I will do a post on what from my wishlist over this challenge, I still want! So keep an eye out to see what I still want from my now-humongous wish list!

If you are doing The 100 Day Challenge I'd love to hear how you are getting along, so let me know below!

You can read all about the challenge and why I decided to do it, here.
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  1. Oooh how much is that sleek brow kit and where can you get it from? It's not on superdrug website... Xxxxx

  2. Wow this looks like a fab challenge, go you! I lovee that brow kit!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway :) x

  3. You are so lucky to be almost finished! I bet when you buy a few things from your wish list they will be extra nice than if you'd bought them in the first place. I still have ages to go but it's good to hear that it went fast for you. xx

  4. I've just found your blog this morning, and spent the rest of my morning with cups of tea reading it, with your 100 day challenge being my first port of call! Love these posts.. just to let you know that I have tried a NYC colour wheel bronzer and it was really bad, made my skin look patchy. Not that the same would happen with the bronzer you've chose of course haha, but just thought I'd say.

  5. Only one week left to go!?
    Well done Sophia :)

  6. Ah, congrats! You've done really well :) I'm having a lot more trouble with it , haha! Hopefully it'll get better soon!

  7. @Tali I'm not sure how much it is! Around £5-6 I would imagine. In Superdrug stores, and on the Sleek website xo

  8. @cupcakesandcocaine Waiting 3 and a half months for them should make them worth it, I think :) xo

  9. @Kirsty Awhhh that is so lovely to hear, thank you :) It's a shame the NYC wheel didn't work for you. I like to swatch things before buying them, so will swatch this particular bronzer and see what I think! xo

  10. You're doing so well :D Very proud!

  11. Hi :)

    I started this challenge yesterday, & I really hope I will be able to do this, I really want to cut down my spending but I think it is going to be very hard! Well done, you have done so well :) xx

  12. I think im going to do this challage but next month as im going on holiday.

  13. @Beau MaquillagexIt gets easier as the days go on, good luck!!! Thank you :) xo

  14. @ElysaI hope you have a lovely holiday :) xo


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