Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box

23 Aug 2012

A picture of Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box
Selfridges have sparked a fire in the beauty World. With the recent announcement of their new, must-see beauty workshop launching in their stores, they shared some news which would excite, please and in the end, even anger beauty lovers Nationwide. Selfridges were to release a one-off, limited edition, bespoke beauty box. The beauty box which would contain seven products, both full sized and generous sample sizes, would soon go on sale as on online-only promotion. Beauty lovers Nationwide waited patiently for the release date of these boxes, sold for an incredibly reasonable £15, on Tuesday 21st August. 

A picture of Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box

The boxes would be released online in very limited numbers. People stayed up all night waiting for them to go on sale, poised to add them to their basket as soon as they went on sale. And so the chaos commenced. With limited numbers of these limited edition bespoke beauty boxes, undoubtedly some people were going to be left bitterly disappointed. Within hours the beauty box was not only sold out, but the Selfridges website had experienced severe technical difficulties, meaning thousands of eagerly awaiting would-be customers were left crushed and disappointed. Both the Twitter and Facebook for Selfridges was inundated with angry, upset and even abusive messages from disappointed beauty lovers. Anger was sparked by the constant crashing of the website and the fact that those who did manage to get one, were not limited to one box each, with some customers buying several boxes. Selfridges dealt with these queries and complaints as best they could and offered apologies to all. 

A picture of Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box
I am lucky enough to have one of these lusted after limited edition bespoke beauty boxes. So what is it that makes them so special? Well, to me, they are just a beauty box. A very generous, very reasonably priced beauty box. Ordered on Tuesday just before the final batch sold out, my Selfridges beauty box arrived on my doorstep at 5pm Wednesday. Super fast delivery, something which I am sure will please many who managed to get one of these beauty boxes. 

Beautifully packaged (I got carried away admiring the box before even remembering the contents!) this definitely stands out from the crowd of various UK beauty boxes available. Inside, seven equally as beautiful products. So, what exactly was inside my Selfridges limited edition bespoke beauty box?

A picture of Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box
Philip B Katira Hair Mask
"Philip B's award-winning blends, based on pure botanicals and essential oils, have dramatically changed the way the World perceives luxury care for hair and skin. Containing pure katira extract, it fills in weak, damaged spots in the hair cuticle for added smoothness and strength. Just one application will instantly revitalise your hair colour, speed-up blow-drying time and lock-in shine."
I've tried one Philip B product before and that was the straightening balm. But it irritated my scalp. So I hope this doesn't do the same! This came in a 60ml generous sample size. The full size is 178ml and costs £40.

Antipodes Avocado and Rosehip Divine Face Oil
"A unique, New-Zealand-based skin care range, Antipodes uses only bioactive botanical ingredients, blended with nutrient-rich avocado oil to powerfully anti-age your skin. Antipodes is deeply committed to ethical skin care. Antipodes organic avocado oil and rosehip divine facial oil leaves skin feeling fresh and plumped. It actively boosts Type 1 collagen in skin cells, target scars and wrinkles and eases the effects of aging."
I only own one Antipodes product and that is their overnight avocado pear night cream. Which I adore. This product is actually the main reason I was excited for this beauty box and I can't wait to use it! This came as a full sized product which is 30ml and costs £20.

Stila One Step Correct
"Known for its modern, non-intimidating approach to beauty, Stila's multitasking formulas and fashion-forward colours have cemented its place on beauty editor's wish-lists. Stila's One Step Correct triple-swirled helix serum brightens the complexion and covers blemishes providing a no-fuss flawless finish. It won't clog pores or settle into fine lines, so all anyone will notice is your perfect skin."
I have been really intrigued by this product over the past few weeks, seeing it appear more and more on other blogs. So I am chuffed to finally have it myself and I am hoping it does what it says! This came in full size which is 30ml and costs £24.

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask
"Cult beauty brand Omorovicza has worked with a Noble-prize winning laboratory to harness Hungary's World famous healing waters into a potent anti-aging skincare range. Day by day skin feels firmer, more supple and is younger looking. Loved by beauty editors across the globe, Omorovicza's Deep Cleansing Mask is packed with mineral-rich mud from Lake Heviz. This gentle yet effective mask purifies and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and radiant with a post-facial glow."
I actually already have this in full size, which I will be reviewing soon, and it is utterly lovely. This came in sample size at 5ml and is already added to the pile of ever growing goodies for my next milestone giveaway! The full size which is 50mls and costs £57.

Estelle & Thild Lip Balm
"The concept of Swedish eco-organic skin care brand Estelle & Thild has always been to product products that you can trust, using only high-quality, organic ingredients that protect the skin's natural balance. The Estelle & Thild lip balm is saturated with vitamins that nourish, plump and protect your lips, while enhancing them with moisture replenishing, barely-there lip colour."
I am a lip balm addict so I am happy to add another to my collection, espcially one which is organic and eco-friendly. This is again, a full sized product and for 15ml costs £16.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum
"Aesop was founded in 1987 and has been creating superlative products for the skin, hair and body ever since. Each Aesop formula contains the finest plant based ingredients as well as non-botanical elements such as anti-oxidants."
I am really into my serums right now so to get this, as well as the Antipodes and ECG serum, has thrilled me. I've heard great things about Aesop but never tried any of their products. This was a generously sized 15ml sample. The full size is 25ml and costs £63.

Bioeffect EGF Serum
"The culmination of more than a decade of research, Bioeffect award-winning anti-ageing formula is a ground breaking serum that delivers visible, dramatic improvements to the skin. A sell-out success internationally, it uses cell-stimulating EGF (Epidermal growth factor) to rejuvenate aging, dull and dry skin, leaving it looking luminous, revitalised and radiant."
This just sounds wonderful really, doesn't it? I've never even heard of this brand before but I am excited to try this product out. Again this product was a generous sample size at 5ml, the full sized is 15ml and costs £125! 

A picture of Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box
So, am I glad I have this beauty box? Yes (would be an absolute understatement!) Do I think it is worth the excitement, along with the upset? Definitely. I will use everything here, except for the Omorovicza product which will go into my giveaway. There are products here I've wanted a while, such as the Stila One Step Correct, Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip and the Aesop Parsley Seed. There's brands I've never heard of, Estelle & Thild and Bioeffect. And a product which I hope will help my hair, the Philip B Masque. The box cost £15, yet I estimate the contents costs roughly £158.66. That is a huge amount!

I do however think those who didn't get boxes, need to remember that these products can be bought separately and if they want them bad enough, perhaps treat themselves, or save up, or ask for it for Christmas. These products are available singularly elsewhere. The products are not one-off, just the actual beauty box itself.