Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil

28 Aug 2012

A picture of Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil

I think it's safe to say that hair oils have really been a huge obsession with beauty bloggers Worldwide this year. I've always wanted to try the Macadamia Oil range which most bloggers rave about, but for me, the price is just too steep to justify. The Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil is a far more affordable option. Brought back from America for me by Amiiee, I've since found out this is available in Boots with the matching shampoo and conditioner I have been using - Which is brilliant as I no longer have to worry about "What will I do when it runs out!". It retails for a super reasonable £6.99 in Boots for 100ml. Compared to 125ml for £29.95 for the Macadmia Oil Healing Oil; which by the way, is the same thing!

"This totally indulgent dry styling oil drenches even the driest, most brittle hair with moisture, leaving it soft, supple, and touchable with a fusion of non-greasy conditioning macadmia oil and moisturising bamboo extract, while sugar cane gives hair silky new life."

To apply, you simply massage some of the oil (I suggest a pea sized amount is more than enough) and apply throughout clean, damp hair. Then you simply style as usual!

This makes my hair feel so beautifully soft, it's unreal. It has a very subtle scent and it even helps my curls, making them more defined and less frizzy. Once dry, if I find my ends are still a little dry, I will apply a small amount just to my ends, too. It works wonders, and I love the matching shampoo and conditioner, which I will also be reviewing soon. I also really want to try the some of the other ranges from Organix as well as some of their body products! 

You can find in Boots nationwide. 

A picture of Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil