The Skincare Stars Latest in Beauty Box

5 Aug 2012

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At the end of June I received a Lastet in Beauty box. As one of my rules on my 100 Day Challenge stipulates I can spend on beauty subscription boxes, I thought this would be a nice birthday treat to myself for July when I turned 24. So what did I get in my Latest in Beauty box? The boxes are pre-designed, like all subscription beauty boxes, but I also added in a travel size Percy and Reed dry shampoo. In total there were seven products in my Latest in Beauty box! This box is the 'Skincare Stars' box!

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream
"A new offering - based on organic Angelica - for normal to dry complexions from this Beauty Bible award-winning French brand, that promises to reinforce skin hydration, leaving it smoother, plumper and more radiant. This should also suit sensitive skins."
I actually received one of these in my June Joliebox, so this one has been popped to one side to add in to my next giveaway..... I received a 15ml sample of this product. At the minute there is an offer running for Latest in Beauty subscribers - If you want to purchase the full size of this product you can use the discount code LATEST to also receive an Angelica cleanser absolutely free. Offer ends August 24th.
Full size: 50ml £29

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
"We've loved Kiehl's since we were baby beauty editors, and this night-time regenerating elixir - which helps repair and restore skin cells during the small hours - promises to keep our skin (nearly) as young as we were then."
This is a really interesting product to me and I am waiting for the right time to start trying it. It is also in an adorable little midnight-blue glass bottle! I received a 4ml sample of this but due to the consistency of the product I imagine this will last a while. 
Full size: 30ml £36 / 50ml £49

Melvita Moisturising Rose Nectar 
"From an organic French brand (a baby sister to L'Occitane) that is one of our personal favourites; this is a lovely summer moisturiser and heaven-scented."
I love rose moisturisers so I am excited to try this one out! I received a 15ml sample of this product.
Full size: 40ml £22

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
"A long respected "Doctor Brand" - renowned derm Dr Murad still practices and is a fount of wisdom about the integrated care of the skin. This product removes surface debris, leaving your complexion smoother and brighter."
An exfoliator is always nice and I have tried one product from Murad before and really liked it, so I am excited to try this out! I received a 30ml sample of this product.
Full size: 200ml £22

Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water 
"A full-size gentle cleanser for all skin types, even the most sensitive - from a new brand that promises to exclude all chemical 'nasties' and use only pure ingredients that have a perfect affinity with your skin."
Love, love, love that this was in the box as I am looking for a new cleansing water to try when my Bioderma runs out! So it looks like this will be it! I received a full sized bottle of this product.
Full size: 190ml £6.40

Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream
"A skin-boosting and plumping sheild to protect dry, mature and/or sensitive skins against daily wear and tea, with antioxidant-rich arctic cloudberry extract to prevent moisture loss."
I am always happy to see a Balance Me product as they are one of my favourite skincare brands, so I was super happy to receive this! I received a 10ml sample of this product.  
Full size: 10ml £6 / 50ml £24

A picture of The Skincare Stars Latest in Beauty Box
I really liked getting this 'Skincare Stars' Latest in Beauty box. I think it's a great concept and it is different from the other beauty subscription boxes out there as there isn't a monthly subscription - You just order the box you want! There are so many other options from Latest in Beauty too, such as offers on full size products and making your own box of sample products you have chosen. This box came to a total of £12.90. So not bad at all! The next box is already available to buy and is the 'In Flight Rescue Kit' box which actually has some amazing products in it! 

I will definitely be getting one of these again in the future!


  1. I got this box too! I love the Etat Pur micellar water, it's the best one i've tried(although im yet to actually try bioderma!)
    Im not so keen on the new In flight box they have out atm though, not many products id use!x

  2. These look quite good, I love the Etat Pur cleanser, it's a great alternative to the Bioderma but doesn't last half as long, shame their bottles aren't bigger! xo

  3. I was tempted to get this but I keep telling myself I don't need anymore skincare! Looks like a fab box! x

  4. I got a sample of that dry conditioner from what's in my handbag and it's absolutely amazing! really good for dry ends, especially on coloured or heat styled hair like mine xxx

  5. Etat Pur product is lovely great for whisking over the skin to refresh when not wearing make up (and as a toner). L'Occitane is now my fave moisturser (sample lasted 4 fours weeks) and the Kiels is just amazing serum! I did get the In-Flight box and am looking forward to it. x

  6. I really want to give the dry conditioner a go! I'm quite impressed by the concept of Latest in Beauty, although I like the surprise of other boxes it's nice to know what you're getting for your money! x

  7. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate looks very intriguing. Let us know what you think!

    xx, Ashley

    Blush Bug

  8. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is amazing! Lifesaver when your skin's playing up :) x

  9. I only discovered Latest in Beauty recently and I'm a bit annoyed because the contents of that box are AMAZING. Every single one is a quality product. Damnnnnn

  10. @Zoe I can't wait to try it once my Bioderma runs out xo

  11. @Paula B I was looking at the Etat website today, they have such a huge variety of products! I hope the cleanser is good xo

  12. @E V E L Y N You always need more skincare ;) xo

  13. @Helen Gray I think the sample sizes are just so, so generous for such a high-end brand! xo

  14. @Milly I do too, but every now and then I think I'll grab a LIB box! :) xo

  15. @Emma Lou You can always make your own box? :) xo

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