July 2012 Empties

2 Aug 2012

And so we reach the end of July and it's time for my July favourites post, as we start August. Where on earth has this year gone?! I have a huge amount for my empties post this month. I got through 22 products!! There's only 21 in the photographs, but I'll explain why later on in the post! So, what did I use up this month...

A picture of beauty products
Lush Fresh Face Mask Catastrophe Cosmetic
I thought I'd mention this one first as it's the product which isn't in the photos! That's because before I managed to photo all of these, I had already paid a visit to Lush and swapped over five empty tubs for a new fresh face mask. I have reviewed Catastrophe Cosmetic before though and you can read the review of that here.

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream
I received a sample of the Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream in a She Said Beauty box. I have already reviewed this product which you can read here, but it's safe to say, I loved it! 

Cussons Carex Sensitive Soap
Generally, I use solid soap bars (usually all natural and handmade, too) However, I always have a bottle of this hand-wash around as it's the best thing for washing new tattoos with! 

Betty Buff Candyfloss Sugar Scrub
I was actually gutted when I finished this little tub of delicious smelling sugar body scrub! It was so lovely to use! But as soon as my 100 Day Challenge is over, I'm definitely repurchasing!

Radox Limited Edition Brazilian Fusion
I love Radox and this had the most gorgeous scent! But shower gel has been disappearing quickly since the boyfriend moved in...

Caudalie Vino Perfect Enzyme Peel Mask
I was given a sample of this mask and to be honest, I wasn't thrilled by it. I don't think I'd dish out the cash for the full size!

Carex Fresh Hand Wipes
I always like to keep a packet of hand wipes in my bag for on the go! But now that these have run out it looks like I'm going to have to go without until the end of my 100 Day Challenge! 

Freeze 24-7 Ice Crystals
It was nice, but I think too abrasive for my younger skin!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
I actually really like the dry shampoo's from Batiste and this had a lovely scent to it. I always like to keep a mini size dry shampoo in my bag for on the go! 

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
I think, by far, my favourite body butter from The Body Shop! It just smells absolutely divine! I have also reviewed this which you can read here

A picture of beauty products
Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree
Original Source always smells amazing really, doesn't it? Another shower gel me and the boyfriend very quickly got through this month. I think this one is perfect for hotter weather because it smells so refreshing! 

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste
As I mentioned in last month's empties post, I have a thing about toothpaste - If it's not a gel toothpaste, I'm not interested! This is my preferred toothpaste! And like with other products me and the boyfriend share, we are getting through toothpaste very quickly!

Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Wash and Body Lotion
These just smell so lovely. I love them, but I always reserved them for 'if I'm going out' as they are quite pricey to replace. 

Rimmel London ScanalEyes Mascara
I like this mascara, but it's nothing to shout home about. I do have another in reserve though so will be putting it to good use! 

Rimmel London X 10 Volume Flash Mascara
My favourite mascara for a few years now, it just seems to be the best mascara for me. I love it! I always have one in reserve!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Shampoo and Serum
I received these to try out and I reviewed them here. I did like them, but I'm not sure how good they suited my hair!

Gilette Satin Care Shaving Cream
I love Gilette for shaving creams. They just seem to be that little bit thicker and nourishing than other shaving creams I have come across.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter
I love Soap & Glory and I really like their products but sometimes the scent is too over powering and sickly sweet. It took so much effort to finish off this huge tub! I was literally willing it and willing it to end! Finally, it did. 

Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner
For many years this has been my go-to toner. I do have another in reserve but I am currently sticking to my Nourish skincare products (read review here) so that one can just stay in back up for now!

Golly gosh that's a lot of products... Are there any products here you like? Have you done an empties post? If so, link me! I'm still loving using everything up and I really enjoy writing empties posts. I think it just motivates me to use things up and get them finished rather than switching between products all the time!