An introduction to Inika Cosmetics

13 Aug 2012

A picture of Inika Makeup Products
If you haven't heard of Inika before, where have you been hiding?! Inika are, in my eyes, one of the top organic and cruelty free cosmetic brands around. I adore their eyeliners (which I will be reviewing shortly) as they are so creamy and easy to apply, and stick around for hours! 

Inika have been awarded one of the highest safety ratings in the World by EWG (Environmental Working Group) and are committed to producing organic, halal, cruelty free and vegan friendly products. Inikia are certified organic by Australia's Organic Food Chain. Their tubes, pots and brushes are made from recycled materials as well as all of the packaging being recyclable. They are registered with the UK Vegan Society, meaning that none of their products contain animal derivatives, as well as being 100% certified Halal with Australia's Federation of Islamic Council. They are 100% certified Cruelty Free with Australia's Choose Cruelty Free Organisation and their eye, brow and lip products are made from organic ingredients which meet the strict guidelines of Organic products. On top of this, they are a Truth in Beauty brand, which means they guarantee to produce products which are safe, natural, ethical and environmentally conscious. 

I don't know about you, but a brand which does all of that, has my full support and admiration!

A picture of Inika makeup products
Mineral Eye-shadow - Velvet
I have never used a mineral eye-shadow before using this. In fact, that goes for the bronzer and foundation, too! Inika's eye-shadows are rich in pigment, providing vibrant and opulent colour. I found this eye-shadow to be incredibly easy to use, both for application and blending. And the colour is truly stunning - I was wowed when I first tried it! It lasts all day long, without creasing, cracking or fading, and is an absolute joy to use. I really want to try a few other shades from the mineral eye-shadow range, such as blue steel, autumn plum, gunmetal and turquoise.
Inika Mineral Eye-Shadow - Velvet - 1.2g - £14.50

Mineral Foundation Powder - Patience
Mineral foundations are something which have always appealed to me, but I've always been unsure about whether they would work with my naturally oily skin. Loads of people rave about the Laura Mercier mineral foundation, but I wanted to try one which met the same ethics I like to have in my skincare; to be organic, natural and cruelty free. The Inika mineral powder foundations are awarding winning, and work as both a concealer and foundation in one. My shade, Patience, leaves a perfect flawless finish and it's amazing the difference I've seen, and felt, in using this over my liquid foundations. It also contains an SPF15, which is just a bonus to me! The first time I applied it, I don't think I applied enough, or enough for my personal preference anyway. But after a couple of tries I found the perfection amount for application and I'll tell you now, I am sold on mineral foundation and will definitely be repurchasing. 
Inika Mineral Foundation Powder - Patience - 8g - £27.50

Mineral Bronzer - Sunkissed
We all know it by now, I am a huge bronzer obsessive. So I couldn't wait to get my Real Techniques contour brush on this beautiful mineral bronzer. It applies like an absolute dream, it's so easy to blend and it is perfect for both contouring and an overall bronze. It is a little lighter than the usual bronze shades I use, but for a day time bronzer it is perfect. And like the eye-shadow and foundation, it's so lightweight that it feels like you're wearing nothing, I love it!
Inika Mineral Bronzer - Sunkissed - 3.5g - £20.50

A picture of Inika Makeup Swatches
Inika Angle Brush
I have also been trying out the angel brush. A multi-purpose brush, it can be used for applying eye-shadows to create a dramatic look. You can also use it wet to apply eye-shadow as eyeliner, as well as using it for brows. It's 100% vegan and certified cruelty free. It's slightly more hard than I expected, but it is actually lovely to use and I have been loving it mainly for my eyebrows! 
Inika Angle Brush - £14

I cannot tell you lovely it has been to use these products. I find myself reaching for the mineral powder foundation and mineral bronzer over my usual liquid foundations and pressed powder bronzers. The eye-shadow is has made me more confident wearing the colour people always suggest will suit me and I have fallen in love with the formulation of it. I can't wait to add more Inika products to my collection!

A picture of Inika Angle Brush