Dr. OlenGin

26 Aug 2012

A picture of Dr. OlenGin body care, hair care and skincare products

I was recently contacted by Dr. OlenGin, a brand from Israel, asking whether I would like to try their products which all feature Dead Sea minerals. After researching the brand and finding that not only are minerals from the Dead Sea renowned for their extraordinary healing properties, but that Dr. OlenGin produce eco-environmentally friendly products which are made to the highest standard possible, I was intrigued and agreed to try some of these wonderful products! I was sent four products, all of which I will be reviewing for you today. 

I have really enjoyed using these products; I have seen vast improvements in my skin and hair from using them and will be making sure to repurchase. They are just lovely products which leave me with healthier, smoother and nourished skin and hair. As well as that, considering they came all the way from Israel, these arrived so super quickly; Dr. OlenGin has become a brand I love and trust.

A picture of Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Foot Cream

Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Foot Cream
The Magic Mineral Foot Cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and contains the skin conditioning agent Dimethicone and the moisturising agent Soribitol. Together these boast to moisturise and protect your feet. This innovative foot cream also contains beeswax and cocoa butter which prevent clogging of pores and soften hard skin. This product is an absolute wonder. Although it doesn't battle my biggest foot problem - extremely hard skin, which I think only a proper full on pedicure, frequently, will fix - it does leave my feet feeling amazing soft and smooth. It smells really fresh and 'clean', sinks into the skin quickly and feels almost like a liquid to powder effect when applied to the skin. It leaves my feet feeling soft all day long! A joy to use! 

A picture of Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Dead Sea Mud
Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Dead Sea Mud
I was super excited to try this! I have never had a mud treatment before mainly because I've never had the guts to get body treatments in a salon. From the Mineral Therapy range, the Magic Mineral Dead Sea Mud is a mineral treatment which benefits your skin with it's 100% natural ingredients which cleanse, revitalise and refresh your skin leaving it with a natural glow. Now, lets be realistic - With a product like this, it's going to be messy. But it was also incredibly fun to use. I actually found myself giggling whilst making sure I had applied this everywhere and then having to make sure I didn't touch anything for the 10-15 recommended waiting time whilst it was on. It was super easy to wash off and my skin felt like it was brand new afterwards! I definitely want to make mud treatments a regular thing in my body care routine now! 

A picture of Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Eye & Neck Cream
Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Eye & Neck Cream
The Magic Mineral Eye & Neck Cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and contains both serine and sorbitol which maintain the skins moisture levels throughout the day. This cream also contains Urea and Lactic Acid which give the skin a vibrant, young look whilst ensuring it stays protected against any environmental factors! Chuck in essence of Aloe Vera and this is a wonderful all round product. I adore the way this product is presented; in a beautiful and luxurious looking frosted glass pot, this feels more expensive than it is. I have been using this purely as a neck cream as it's one area of my skin I didn't have a product for. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft, but tightened as well. I've really noticed a dramatic difference in the skin on my neck since using it, it just feels so much smoother and softer. And it smells lovely and refreshing, too! A now permanent addition to my skincare routine.

A picture of Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Hair Mud Mask
Dr. OlenGin Magic Mineral Hair Mud Mask
My favourite of the four products I have been trying! This mask stimulates blood flow to the scalp, rejuvenating it, providing powerful prevention from dandruff and nourishing and restoring vitality to your hair giving it a radiant and healthy glow. I have been using this at least once a week and a little goes a long way. It has a really lovely scent to it, refreshing, but almost like a light floral perfume, too. I love using hair conditioning treatments and do them on a regular basis but never in my years of using both high-street and high-end conditioning treatments have I found one which makes my hair feel as amazing as this does. It leaves my hair naturally shiny, feeling healthier and stronger and super, silky soft. I am in love!

You can find out more about Dr. OlenGin on their website here and they can also be found on Facebook. They have a huge range of products covering Mineral Therapy products, skincare, body care, hair care and an entire men's range too! I really want to try the Mineral Therapy Dead Sea Salt, Magic Mineral Body Scrub and Magic Mineral Hand Cream as well now! A lovely brand with equally lovely products!