How I look after my nails

4 Aug 2012

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A couple of nights ago I posted a photo of my nails on Instagram. It got a fair few compliments on both there and Twitter so I asked if people would like to see a post on how I get my nails the way they are, naturally. There was a resounding yes to this suggestion, so here it is! This past week I have let my nails breathe, stripping both my nails and toenails of polish and giving them chance to recover from the abuse of constant nail polish. I think it's important to go au naturel every now and then! 

A picture of naturally long nails

There are lots of things I do to keep my nails nice and healthy, but first I want to tell you why my nails and looking after them are so important. As a child and in my very early teens, I used to bite my nails. I used to bite them so much, and so excessively, that they would bleed and sometimes this would lead to infection. It was never a pretty sight. I used to be so bad for it that my mother took me to the doctors and the GP had a chat with me. What stopped me doing this, was a little fact my GP told me. 

Did you know, the dirt and germs under your fingernails, equals more than the dirt and germs on a toilet seat? I think that's enough to put absolutely anyone off of biting their nails, don't you?

So what do I do to get my nails looking the way I do?

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Day time
During the day I am constantly applying Lemony Flutter from Lush (I have reviewed this, which you can read here) and a hand cream. The current day hand cream I use is You Soft Touch from Dirty Works (also reviewed, read here) I think applying a good hand cream and cuticle butter (or oil, depending on your preference) throughout the day can do your hands and nails the World of good. It takes no time at all, your hands are left soft, you smell lovely and it's a little pampering treat throughout the day. Where can you go wrong? I use these at least 4-5 throughout the day! 

A picture of Hand and Nail Care Products
At night
At night before bed I repeat the same process, but this time I use Burt's Bees lemon cuticle creme and LaSource hand therapy cream, as this is a thicker, more nourishing hand cream. I also apply the cuticle creme to my toenails as well as a foot cream. 

A picture of Hand and Nail Care Products
And all the rest
I think it's important to file your nails on a regular basis. I file mine every time I take my nail polish off, before applying more. I also use a buffer to buff and shine my nails, but I do this less often and more so just when I feel my nails need it. I also use two Avon polishes which are from the Nail Experts range. I always, always apply 24k Gold Strength before applying any nail polish, and when I am letting my nails have a break I also sporadically apply Strong Results from the same range.

So there you have it - I don't do anything amazing or out of the ordinary, but I do look after my hands and nails on a daily basis. I adore my nails. I've had acrylic nails and gel nails, as well as being trained in both, but I just prefer my natural nails. I've seen the damage constant falsies can do and I don't think it's worth the damage nor the cost, when you can buy a few essentials and spend some time really pampering your own nails. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your natural nails looking lovely? If so I'd love to hear them!