31 August 2012

The Skincare Series | Makeup Remover

A picture of makeup removers
Isn't it funny how makeup removers are usually always blue?

Back in July I posted the first in The Skincare Series posts, all about the current skincare I was using at the time, how each worked for me and what I wanted to move on to to battle my personal skin concerns. You can read that post here. As you will have noticed if you've followed my blog for a while, skincare is incredibly important to me and my morning and evening skincare routine is something I look forward to everyday. I love looking after my skin and think it is the most important aspect of beauty. 

The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 12

93 days done..... 7 to go. Can you believe it? I can't. I have so far been doing this challenge for 93 days. 13 weeks. 3 months, 1 week. And that time has gone so, so quickly. I thought I'd struggle. I thought I'd cave (a lot more than I have) But really? I'm going to miss this challenge. It's changed the way I look at spending money, in general. And that was one of the most important things I wanted to learn from this challenge. So, what's on my wishlist this week? 

30 August 2012

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

A picture of Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
It is quite possible that I am now a fully-fledged addict of the Lush fresh face masks. I absolutely adore them and I fall in love with every single one I try. I've reviewed three other fresh face masks from Lush; Brazened Honey, which is my all time favourite (read review here), Catastrophe Cosmetic (read review here) and Love Lettuce (read review here) The latest I have been using, is Cupcake, one recommended to me a lot by other bloggers!

29 August 2012

Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub

A picture of Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub
I've done a couple of Dirty Works reviews now. The Dirty Works You Soft Touch hand cream, which you can read here, and the Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter, which you can read here. They are a brand I really like and whose products really show the benefits to my skin.

28 August 2012

Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil

A picture of Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil

I think it's safe to say that hair oils have really been a huge obsession with beauty bloggers Worldwide this year. I've always wanted to try the Macadamia Oil range which most bloggers rave about, but for me, the price is just too steep to justify. The Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil is a far more affordable option. Brought back from America for me by Amiiee, I've since found out this is available in Boots with the matching shampoo and conditioner I have been using - Which is brilliant as I no longer have to worry about "What will I do when it runs out!". It retails for a super reasonable £6.99 in Boots for 100ml. Compared to 125ml for £29.95 for the Macadmia Oil Healing Oil; which by the way, is the same thing!

27 August 2012

Shopping the stash # 1

A picture of a black bag
I've wanted to do a 'Shopping the stash' post for a while now but I just never got round to it. But after reading Meg's 'Shopping the stash' post I decided to stop being lazy and start doing this myself! I decided to pick items which I could create almost an entire look with. And I am going to keep them in a spare Joliebox bag so that they are easy to reach for and I have no excuses! I also want to create two FOTD looks using these, so I will be sharing the looks I create with them later in the week! So what have I picked for this week?

26 August 2012

The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter

A picture of The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter

If you read my 100 Day Challenge update # 11 you will now that I was a little bit naughty and made a cheeky purchase in The Body Shop. I wanted to share this particular purchase with you right away, because it's something I wasn't aware of until I saw them on the counter and I am fully behind what I believe to be a wonderful and inspiring idea and organisation!

Dr. OlenGin

A picture of Dr. OlenGin body care, hair care and skincare products

I was recently contacted by Dr. OlenGin, a brand from Israel, asking whether I would like to try their products which all feature Dead Sea minerals. After researching the brand and finding that not only are minerals from the Dead Sea renowned for their extraordinary healing properties, but that Dr. OlenGin produce eco-environmentally friendly products which are made to the highest standard possible, I was intrigued and agreed to try some of these wonderful products! I was sent four products, all of which I will be reviewing for you today. 

I have really enjoyed using these products; I have seen vast improvements in my skin and hair from using them and will be making sure to repurchase. They are just lovely products which leave me with healthier, smoother and nourished skin and hair. As well as that, considering they came all the way from Israel, these arrived so super quickly; Dr. OlenGin has become a brand I love and trust.

25 August 2012

Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter

A picture of Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter
I have reviewed Dirty Works once before on my blog when I received their You Soft Touch hand cream (read review here) and they are such a lovely brand, so I am super excited to be sharing my thoughts with you on their Supreme Cream Body Butter. Dirty Works is a brand with gorgeous packaging, amazing scented products and all at a very reasonable price.

24 August 2012

Shavata Tweezers

A picture of Shavata Tweezers
I'm the kind of girl who will use the same tweezers for years on end, even when they aren't as effective as they once used to be. The pair I was using, from Boots, I have had for three years and I'll tell you, they were reaching retirement! So I was thrilled when contacted to try these wonderfully bright neon pink tweezers from Shavata. 

100% Organics Cleanser

A picture of 100% Organics Cleanser
Since trying a few, I am getting more and more into oil based cleansers. Despite my initial worries over their compatibility with my naturally oily skin, I am finding that oil based cleansers are actually incredible for removing every last trace of makeup. So naturally, I've been enjoying using this 100% Organics Cleanser, particularly on days where I have worn a lot of makeup, and particularly in the evenings. 

The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 11

Can you really believe I have been doing this challenge for 12 weeks now? That's 84 days, if you were wondering. There's just two weeks to go. Lets get this week's wish list out of the way first!

23 August 2012

Le Belle Natural Skincare Clay Masque

A picture of Le Belle Natural Skincare Clay Masque
If you have followed my blog for a while now you may have guessed that I adore face masks. Skincare isn't just about your cleansers, toners, exfoliators, eye-creams and moisturisers. I like to pamper my skin just as much as my body and because of that I do face-masks regularly. I probably do about two a week right now and my skin looks and feels better for it. Over the weekend I shared with you a lovely natural and organic British skincare brand, Le Belle. And today I am going to share my thoughts with you on their clay masque! 

Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box

A picture of Selfridges Limited Edition Beauty Box
Selfridges have sparked a fire in the beauty World. With the recent announcement of their new, must-see beauty workshop launching in their stores, they shared some news which would excite, please and in the end, even anger beauty lovers Nationwide. Selfridges were to release a one-off, limited edition, bespoke beauty box. The beauty box which would contain seven products, both full sized and generous sample sizes, would soon go on sale as on online-only promotion. Beauty lovers Nationwide waited patiently for the release date of these boxes, sold for an incredibly reasonable £15, on Tuesday 21st August. 

22 August 2012

JĀSÖN Hydrating Hemp Hand & Body Lotion

A picture of JĀSÖN Hydrating Hemp Hand & Body Lotion
Since having the opportunity to try out some of the products on offer from JĀSÖN, a brand which produces natural products, I have fallen in love. All of their products are just so lovely to use! The Hydrating Hemp Hand & Body Lotion is no different. 

20 August 2012

EOS Lip Balms

A picture of EOS Lip Balms
I don't think an introduction is necessary here. These little colourful spheres are a regular in the blogosphere. You've either tried them, seen them, or want them. These little lip balms stand out from the crowd and I have been lusting after them for a while. An American product only available in the UK in a few ways for double the price, these lip balms are a must for any lip care addict. 

19 August 2012

Le Belle Natural Skincare

A picture of Le Belle Natural Skincare products

It's official - I'm a self-confessed skincare junkie. Skincare is immensely important to me. I look forward to my morning and night time skincare routines. I enjoy them. I love the feeling of freshly pampered skin and the way it lifts my mood to use my skincare products. And what I really love, is using products which are natural and organic. 

17 August 2012

University Tips

A picture of Middlesex University, Hendon

On Thursday, A Level students around the UK nervously awaited their results. And as I scrolled down my Twitter feed seeing the many happy and relived students getting the results they wanted and finding themselves now on the way to Uni, I found it hard to believe it was just two years ago that I was in the same position. In October I will be starting my third year at Middlesex University, London, studying a Psychology BSc degree. It has so far been the best, most challenging and educational (yes, you actually learn in University) experience of my life. And it gave me an idea - To write a post with my tips and tricks for surviving at University. I know how nerve-racking it can be to move somewhere new, start a new course and meet new people. And there's lots of things I wish I knew when I first went to University. So here are my top tips for getting through University. 

Rio 60 Second Neck Toner

A picture of the Rio 60 Second Neck Toner

One of the things I am most self conscious about is my very chubby face and neck. If someone takes a photo of my face side on, I literally have a panic and little tantrum fit until they delete it. It is my most unflattering angel and it makes me feel awful to see just how chubby and fat my face and neck are. So when I was offered to try the Rio 60 Second Neck Toner, I was delighted - Could this finally be the answers to my self-conscious-prayers? 

The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 10

The end is in sight! There's only 23 days left on the challenge and I am also done! I think I am going to miss writing these posts. I've done one every Friday for the past two and a half months. It's become habit, a routine. And their just fun to write! There's not much on my wish list this week, but I have decided that when it comes to the end of my challenge I am going to do one final update on what I still want which has been featured on the weekly wish lists. I wonder how much I actually still want? So, on to this week's wishlist. Here's what made it this week!


16 August 2012

Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask

A picture of Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask
Korres is a brand I have wanted to try for so long but I've never had the chance to, so to see this in the giveaway was so lovely. One of the major things that appeals to me about Korres, is that the brand is from Greece. As I am Cypriot and my family originate from Cyprus, anything Greek hooks me straight away! I tried this over the weekend and I loved it so much even after just one use, that I just had to share it with you all straight away!

13 August 2012

An introduction to Inika Cosmetics

A picture of Inika Makeup Products
If you haven't heard of Inika before, where have you been hiding?! Inika are, in my eyes, one of the top organic and cruelty free cosmetic brands around. I adore their eyeliners (which I will be reviewing shortly) as they are so creamy and easy to apply, and stick around for hours! 

12 August 2012

Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

A picture of Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask
Love Lettuce was the third fresh face mask I ever tried from Lush, the first being Brazened Honey which still remains to be my favourite (see review here) and then Catastrophe Cosmetic, another favourite of mine (see review here) Unfortunately, I only got to use Love Lettuce twice. Although all the fresh face masks from Lush have, as with all the products from Lush, an expiry date, usually I can make them stretch a week or so after their expiration date. That said, a week before the expiration date for Love Lettuce, I went to use it and it was... fluffy. It had grown mould! Obviously, it went straight in the bin and I was gutted that I had only got to use it twice. But I still wanted to review it for you as it is another fresh face mask from Lush that I have enjoyed using! 

11 August 2012

A guide to UK beauty subscription boxes

I have been getting beauty subscription boxes since April this year. That's not very long, but I have tried all but one UK beauty subscription box now. I always post about them when I receive them and within the comments, and on Twitter, I always get asked which box I think is best. So I thought I would write a post about each box with my thoughts on them and whether they are worth signing up to. Listed in alphabetical order, with each box I will include price, contents, customer service and a final verdict. I hope this will help people who are unsure about signing up to a beauty subscription box, or if you are thinking of changing boxes, help you decide which one is best for you!

10 August 2012

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

A picture of Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash
I recently reviewed the Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve (read review here) and since then I have been trying out another product from Balance Me, the Pure Skin Face Wash*. This face wash is from the Daily Essentials range and is a gentle yet effective non-drying sulphate and petroleum free face wash which works to cleanse the skin of make up and daily grime. It is formulated with anti-oxidant rich moringa and rice brand oils to brighten and polish the skin and leave it smooth and gently cleansed. It is better suited for normal to combination skin and it's ingredients contain 98.8% natural origin. It contains a blend of soothing, balancing, deliciously fragrant grapefruit, petitgrain and frankincense essential oils with spruce knot extract to help improve and smooth the appearance of congested or problem complexions. 

The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 9

When I first started this challenge, I thought writing these weekly updates would be a tedious chore. But in actual fact, I quite enjoy them! It's nice to document my progress as well as showing you all the products I am lusting after. And it's always great hearing how other people are getting along and what they think of the products in each week's wishlist! So this is update # 9 and I have reached the end of my 10th week on the challenge, a long, long 70 days with just 30 days left to go! The end is in sight!! So what has made it on to this week's wish list?

9 August 2012

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, worth the hype?

A picture of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
This has to make it into the top 10 raved about beauty products in 2012. Everyone has been talking about it, reviewing it, raving about it, obsessing over it. So what exactly is this miracle product that everyone seems to be in love with?

8 August 2012

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo

A picture of Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold and Immortal Charcoal
By now, I think everyone has bought and tried at least one shade from the Maybelline 24Hr Color Tattoo range. Available in seven shades in the UK, these cream gel eye-shadows boast a lasting power of 24 hours (although anyone who wears make up for 24 hours straight needs a slap on the wrist and a bottle of Bioderma shoved in their face!) 

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks

A picture of Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love tea. So when I was contacted by Little Miracles to try some of their Organic Energy Tea Energy Drinks*, I jumped at the chance and couldn't wait to try them all when they arrived! There are three flavours available; Green Tea which has ginseng, pomegranate and aCai, White Tea which has ginseng, cherry and aCai, and Black Tea which has ginseng, peach and aCai. 

7 August 2012

L'oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick

A picture of L'oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Impulsive Fuchsia
When the Revlon Lip Butters hit the UK, all I could see was people comparing them to the L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. Well, I was already in love with the Revlon Lip Butters, so I thought why not pick up one of these much talked about L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks and see exactly what all the fuss was about? 

6 August 2012

Introducing Weleda

OK, we've all gathered by now how much I absolutely adore natural brands. Weleda, is one such natural brand. Established for nearly a century, Weleda is the World's leading producer of antroposophical medicines and natural cosmetics. Their products are 100% pure and natural, certified by Natrue, and Weleda strive to use the purest, wild-crafted, biodynamic or organically grown ingredients. None of their products contain petroleum derived ingredients, synthetic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, GMOs and they do not partake in animal testing, so they are completely cruelty free, too! Today I am reviewing seven lovely products which were sent to me by the Weleda team. 

5 August 2012

The Skincare Stars Latest in Beauty Box

A picture of The Skincare Stars Latest in Beauty Box

At the end of June I received a Lastet in Beauty box. As one of my rules on my 100 Day Challenge stipulates I can spend on beauty subscription boxes, I thought this would be a nice birthday treat to myself for July when I turned 24. So what did I get in my Latest in Beauty box? The boxes are pre-designed, like all subscription beauty boxes, but I also added in a travel size Percy and Reed dry shampoo. In total there were seven products in my Latest in Beauty box! This box is the 'Skincare Stars' box!

JĀSÖN Pure Natural Ultra-C Eye Lift

A picture of JĀSÖN Pure Natural Ultra-C Eye Lift

JĀSÖN is a brand I am currently loving. I have fallen in love with their lavender volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and I have fallen in love with this product too! I have been after an eye cream to sort out my dark circles and puffy eyes for a long, long time. I've tried so many different eye creams it is actually ridiculous. But finally, I have found one which does exactly what I need it to, the wonderful JĀSÖN Pure Natural Ultra-C Eye Lift*.

4 August 2012

How I look after my nails

A picture of Hand and Nail Care Products
A couple of nights ago I posted a photo of my nails on Instagram. It got a fair few compliments on both there and Twitter so I asked if people would like to see a post on how I get my nails the way they are, naturally. There was a resounding yes to this suggestion, so here it is! This past week I have let my nails breathe, stripping both my nails and toenails of polish and giving them chance to recover from the abuse of constant nail polish. I think it's important to go au naturel every now and then! 

3 August 2012

The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 8

I have now completed my 9th week of the 100 Day Challenge, with just over a month to go, I have now done 63/100 days of this very, very long challenge! First things first, this week's wish list! There's not much on there this week! 

Cleansing and Moisturising with Purity Organic Skincare

A picture of Purity Skincare Products
I recently reviewed the Purity Exfoliator and Serum & Mask, which you can read here. There are four more products I have been trying from Purity and these are the products I am going to review for you today! 

2 August 2012

July 2012 Empties

And so we reach the end of July and it's time for my July favourites post, as we start August. Where on earth has this year gone?! I have a huge amount for my empties post this month. I got through 22 products!! There's only 21 in the photographs, but I'll explain why later on in the post! So, what did I use up this month...

A picture of beauty products

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

A picture of Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo and Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturising Conditioner

Over the past two weeks I have been using the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner! As a brunette, products tailored towards my hair colour are great and something which really grab my attention because I want to do whatever I can to benefit my natural, brunette hair colour! 

1 August 2012

July 2012 Favourites

A picture of beauty products

As if July is over! Where has it gone? We're now 8 months into 2012 and I feel like the year has whizzed past me. I am now 24. My birthday was in July and for the past few months it felt forever away. And now it's been... and gone! But as 2012 has so far been a great year for me, I won't complain too much and I'll welcome August with a nice cuppa tea! This month there isn't a huge amount in my favourites post. I have found myself less busy, with less plans, and enjoying some much needed, relaxed time at home. But these six are products I either use on a daily basis, or enjoy using so much that I've become adoringly attached and couldn't not mention.
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