Vichy Derma Blend Starter Kit

25 Jul 2012

A picture of the Vichy Derma Blend Starter Kit
Vichy is a brand I have never tried before and I was send this Derma Blend Starter Kit in my June Glossybox. When I saw it in the box, I have to admit I was not impressed. Although it doesn't look it in the below photo, all of the shades are fairly dark. Even the lightest shades are probably not suitable for the tones they are named by. I didn't feel there was a shade within the pack which matched my skin tone and I felt this was going to be a wasted sample, and a waste of product. But, I do like to try things even when I am dubious about them. So try I did. 

I decided the closest colour to my skin tone, was Nude. This was bizarre for me because I have a generally natural biscuit beige tone and usually opt for dark foundations because of this, otherwise I look like a ghost with a tanned body! I tried this out in two ways. One worked, the other didn't, to the point where I am now put off of trying any of the other shades!

Using it as a concealer
The first time I used Nude, I only used it as a concealer. I actually found it worked really well as a concealer rather than an all over foundation. But it wasn't overly amazing at 'staying put' throughout the rest of my make up application. However, it did last well throughout the day.

Using as a foundation
The next day I decided to again use it to conceal, but also as an all over foundation. I honestly do not think I have ever spent so long trying to apply foundation, it took forever! It just would not settle, it wouldn't buff in, it was greasy and wet and it took a lot of hard work to get it how I wanted it. And the troubles didn't stop there! Throughout the day I noticed my skin was horrendously oily, something I've not had for a while now. And every time I touched my skin, my fingers or hand would come away absolutely drenched in this awful stuff. It looked cakey and oily at the same time. I could not wait to get it off and wash my face that evening, I felt like I had put my skin through a day of absolute hell!

It was using it as a foundation, seeing the dire results, that really has put me off of using any of the other shades. I may try again one day, but only as a concealer. I found this product overall to be absolutely awful and as I expected, a totally wasted sample. 

A picture of Vichy Derma Blend Starter Kit