Introducing The Skincare Series

11 Jul 2012

A picture of skincare products
For a while now I have been wanting to do a 'my current skincare routine' post. But my skincare regime is currently going through a complete change, so the products I was using religiously, are changing. So instead, I have decided to do a serious of posts called 'The Skincare Series' which will be a serious of posts over the course of me changing products and experimenting. The first post of course though, has to be my 'current' (current up until a week ago) skincare routine.

All of these products are products I have been using on a daily basis for at least six month's now. A few of these are good enough to stick around whilst I am changing the products I use, whereas the others have been assigned to the bathroom cabinet. 

Looking after your skin, to me at least, is so, so important. I would rather do something now to look after my skin, than pay for it later down the line. I also really enjoy looking after my skin. If there was an award for being easily pleased, I'd get it, because the thing I look forward to the most each day is doing my skincare routine each morning when I wake up, and each night before I go to sleep. Skincare has probably been the only thing beauty wise which my mum drilled in to me as a child. She bought me my first Olay moisturiser when I was 11. Yes ok, that may have been a little too young, I personally think you shouldn't worry about skincare until you are in your teens and get that much despised troublesome teenage skin. 

I have exceptionally oily skin, horrendously so on my T zone, with enlarged pores and puffy eyes. These products are good, but they just weren't doing what I needed. Predominately, for me, the biggest thing I want and need to battle with my skin, is my oil. It can be the most frustrating thing in the World sometimes. No matter how many primers I have tried, my oily sheen battles through to make it's dreaded daily appearance. Now, one thing I must say though is that since using these particular products, my skin is a lot better than it once was. I can't even remember all of the products I used before I bought these, but before then my oil problem was so bad that if I wiped my face, my hand would literally be swimming in oil. It's an embarrassing thing to experience, and it has been the biggest thing on my mind each morning when applying make up for years now. So because of this, products I rely on are based on oily/combination skin types. So lets run through the products I have been using for the past six months (in order of use).

The Bioderma I have is the version specifically for oily and combination skin. I use Bioderma to take off my make up, or if I haven't got any on then for just a quick general clean before I start washing my face. I like this because on the days where I haven't worn make up, it's amazing to see how much dirt is still on my face which comes off on the cotton pads. A full review of this will be going up soon.

Next I would use the Witch oil control foaming face wash to give myself a good clean - Although I like Bioderma and in the past other make up removers, I don't think it fully cleans your face. This is probably the newest edition to this particular skincare regime, as I've only had it around 2 months. I liked it, but it has a very chemical smell to it which I despised. Not a pleasant scent at all.

Good Things
I used to use this Good Things blackhead exfoliator morning and night, but I then started just using it at night before bed. I like this exfoliator and it really did help with my blackheads, but other than that I couldn't see any miraculous changes with my skin. I reviewed this product, along with the Good Things eye cream, which you can read here. As you can see, at first I was utterly in love with it, but it soon lost it's charm.

Next up, I would use the No7 foaming cleanser from the Beautiful Skin range. There are three ranges within this range, each targeted at skin type. All the No7 products I have are orientated around oily and combination skin. This cleanser was really good to use, it foams up a lot and is really gentle. It's the first time I used a cleanser which was in liquid form opposed to creams.

The toner I have relied on for years now is the Breath of Fresh Air toner from Lush. It's just a very gentle toner which leaves you feeling refreshed.

Good Things
Next, I would use the Good Things eye cream. Again, I reviewed this when I reviewed the Good Things blackhead exfoliator which you can read here. This is a refreshing eye cream and it has helped with dark circles, but it doesn't do much for my puffy eyes. 

The day and night creams I used are again from the Beautiful Skin range by No7. These are good, but take a long time to soak into the skin and weren't actually all that good at controlling my oily skin, which is exactly what they are designed for.

Next on The Skincare Series, I will be discussing the direction in which I am taking my new skincare regime and sharing products I am currently trying.

If you have any suggestions for skincare (or even make up) products and brands which you think are great at battling oily and combination skin, please share them below. I'd love to hear what works for you!