Turning 24

17 Jul 2012

I couldn't avoid it any longer. My next birthday has come around and I am now 24! Scary stuff!!

As a pre-birthday celebration last night me, my partner and his sister Kelly went to Revolution for some lovely food. It is also Kelly's birthday today, she's turned 17, the first person I've ever met who I share my birthday with!! So we went for a little pre-birthday meal. I of course, in true Revolution style, started with a frozen strawberry daiquiri and on recommendation from Hannah I had peppered steak Denver fries and a house salad for my dinner. It was yummy!!

When I hit 24 at midnight, I didn't feel any magical ageing fairies working their voodoo. I still look like me, feel like me, so I suppose I am still indeed me! And if not, my partner very sleepily singing me happy birthday at midnight would have definitely scared them off.

Today is just going to be like any normal day though, until this evening at least. When me, my partner and my dad head on over to my brother and sister-in-law's to spend an hour or so with them and my nephew. I can't wait to see my nephew, Oscar, as I haven't seen him in a month. So that's all I wanted for my birthday!!

On Friday I have some lovely plans to celebrate my birthday. First, I am off to the Lush event in Nottingham to celebrate the launch of Emotional Brilliance. Then me, my partner and friends are off to TGI Friday's for a lovely meal where I plan to eat them out of Jack Daniel's wings!! Before me and my partner head off to see the new Batman movie. I'm really looking forward to Friday!

Being old isn't so bad. You get an excuse to eat nice food, drink lovely drinks and spend lots of time with your favourite people!