A challenge for beauty addicts

09 July

A picture of a box of beauty samples
Samples. I have bloody tons of them. Body lotions, firming lotions, body washes. Skincare samples galore. I have samples coming out of my blooming stretched ears! The only good thing about the amount of samples I have, is that it means I can make good use out of beauty subscription boxes that were empty with nothing to do. So the (dreadful) June Glossybox is being used to store body samples, whereas the July She Said Beauty box is being used to store skincare products.

A picture of a box of beauty samples

I quite like that I have a different box for both skincare and body products. It makes it easier to find what I want. But when I'm not actually using the samples... does it make much difference? And so when sorting out these two boxes, full to the brim with lovely samples, I decided enough was enough. I can't keep hoarding samples, I need to get using them! 

A picture of a box of beauty samples
And so I am throwing down the gauntlet. A challenge, for myself and anyone else who is a secret samples hoarder (because let's face it, that probably includes 110% of the beauty blogging community!) The challenge is, as you may have already guessed, to use samples up.

Each week I am going to pick 7 products from the body samples box to use up. That's a sample a day. The skincare products may be a little harder to get through, and will probably take me a lot longer. I am really strict with my skincare and so there's not much I want to be messing with. One idea I have had though, is the samples I don't think I'll use, to do daily giveaways over the next week. So keep your eyes peeled for those!

If you have a ton of samples like me, I want you to try and get using them too. There's no point leaving them lying around, and you never know, you may try a new product and find you love it! So, whose with me?

A picture of a box of beauty samples
P.s. I have now reached over 500 followers. Thank you to every one who takes the time to read my blog, is really is appreciated, as is every comment left. It makes blogging worthwhile when you know others enjoy reading your posts as much as you enjoying writing them!

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