ARK Skincare Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque

31 Jul 2012

A picture of ARK Skincare Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque

ARK Skincare is a great brand I have been introduced to recently. A UK brand, it is a brand which has strong ethics which they are very passionate about. ARK do not partake in animal testing, so they are animal friendly, and they also ensure none of the ingredients or manufactures they use partake in animal testing either. So they are an all round animal friendly brand. ARK base their products around five key points which they like to call their five key motivators. 

Be Age Appropriate
ARK feel that skincare should be age appropriate. Their products are not categorised by skin type, but by the stage your skin is at during the age process. There are three ranges available from ARK according to age and these are Age Prepare which is aimed at teens to early 30's, Age Maintain which is aimed at mid 30's to 50 and Age Repair which is aimed at 50+. I think this is a great way to look at skin and skincare products as often we do use products aimed at younger or older skin without thinking about it, because they are advertised as being for our particular skin type. 

Be Responsive To Your Skin
Our skin is almost like a fingerprint. It is unique and priceless. ARK believe that you should only use skincare products tailored to you and your skin. A moisturiser might be perfect for your friend, but that doesn't mean it's right for your skin. The ARK Skin Response skin health programme enables you to communicate with your skin, answering it's individual needs. You can create your own signature treatment with advice from qualified ARK personal skin trainers and a range of age appropriate products that work best for you and are perfect for your skin.

Be Respectful of Each Other's Uniqueness
Just as your fingerprint is unique, so are you. And ARK like to respect each person's indviduality. They conduct a personal approach to skin health, offering an age assessment; a skin consultation with an expert skin professional who really understands skin, tracks your progress with you and develops your skin health programme as and when according to your skins needs.

Be Informed and Empowered 
ARK believe that you should be as best informed as possible when it comes to buying any products, especially skincare. A lot of brands are ill-informed over what is actually best for the individual, so knowing your skin and it's needs is important. When you know this, you can be empowered to make the right choices which benefit you and your skin the best. ARK have a professionally qualified team which can help you do just that, striving to be honest and only point you in the direction of products best for you, rather than what they want you to buy. At ARK it's all about you and your skin. 

Be Honest
ARK strive to always be honest and give honest advice about your skin. 

As you can see, ARK are a really great brand which show passionate care towards their clients and customers. Your skin is one of the most important things you could ever possess, and ARK do everything they can to make sure you look after it in the best way possible for your skin. ARK doesn't see it's clients and customers as a collective group, but each as an individual with unique skin and needs. 

A picture of ARK Skincare Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque
ARK very kindly sent me some products to try out which I will be reviewing for you today! All products I received are from the Age Prepare range; the range designed for teenage to early 30's skin. As I am 24, this is the perfect range for my skin. The Skin Purifying masque was sent to me after I receive a mini-skin consultation from the ARK representative I was in touch with. After explaining that my skin was oily and one of my biggest issues was enlarged and clogged pores, I was told all about this mask and it sounded fantastic to me! 

The Age Prepare Skin Purifying masque is ideal for congested skin. A marvellous multi-tasker, it absorbs excess oil, reduces the size of pores and diminishes blemishes. It leaves skin feeling calm and clear. It's key ingredients are kaolin clay which heals blemishes and prevents new ones from forming, wild water mint which reduces the size of enlarged pores and anti-pollution algae which prevents skin damage from free radicals. 

A picture of ARK Skincare Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque
This is such an easy masque to use. It's not too thick, much thinner than other masques of this type which I have used before. It applies easily and dries all over. I hate when you get a masque which dries in some places and not others. This masque is also easily to wash off and the effects although not ~for me~ instantaneous, were obvious after a couple of uses. My skin has felt less clogged and heavy, my pores are not as much of a problem as they were before using this mask and this along with my other skincare products, has helped to calm down my oily skin. I use this at least once a week now! 

A picture of ARK skincare products
I was also sent a very cute little package of samples from other ARK products. As well as a masque sample which I am saving for when travelling somewhere over night, there was a sample of the moisturiser, the exfoliator and the cleanser. All have been a delight to use and I particularly enjoyed the moisturiser which left my skin feeling soft and supple. I will definitely be looking into purchasing the full size as a pampering over night moisturiser. 

ARK has made it's way onto my list of top skincare brands which is great for my skin and ticks so many of my boxes where skincare is concerned. I love ARK's ethics, approach to skin and skincare and even more so, that it is a British brand. It's so lovely when you find a golden treasure like this, and it's one from your very own Country. 

You can find more about ARK on their website here

ARK Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque* - 75ml - £25