The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 4

6 Jul 2012

And so we reach update four/end of week five of my 100 Day Challenge. I can't believe I have not been in a shop for five weeks. I've not shopped, I've not browsed, I've not spent a penny. For five whole week's. That's crazy! I am also finding the further I get into the challenge, espicially this week, the less I am wanting. So this week's wish list is in fact incredibly small! 

Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB Cream / Models Own 'Peaches and Cream'

MAC 'Hue' lipstick / Origins Super Spot Remover

So that's it for this week's wishlist. Just four items! I received a sample of the Ginvera BB cream in my June She Said Beauty box and I have been using it this week. The sample sachet was only 3g but I managed to get five whole days use out of it. That's five days of full facial coverage, from one 3g sample sachet. I couldn't believe it! It is ~so far~ the best BB cream I have ever used and I really want the full size. The Models Own nail varnish is one I saw a review of by the lovely Shelley who runs Beauty Quest Blog and it is absolutely gorgeous, and looks the exact shade of my Sleek lipstick in the same shade/name! MAC Hue is just another lipstick I am lusting after. I think MAC lipsticks are making a real favourite on my challenge wish list! And last bit not least, the much talked about Origins Super Spot Remover. My friend Hayley did a review of this over on her blog which is Wife Life Beauty xo and generally, I don't get spots. But this past week I have, and by the dozen! Which has made me want to try this little wonder. 

I genuinely can't get over just how easy this challenge has been so far. Maybe I would be struggling more if I was going shopping etc, but I am one of those people who unless I am planning to buy something, I don't go shopping. So there's been no need for me to go browsing!

Are you doing the 100 Day Challenge? How are you getting along? I'd love to hear how you are finding it!

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