The 100 day challenge...

1 Jun 2012

Yup, you read right. Me, miss I can never stop spending money, is going to be doing the 100 day challenge. As of today, June 1st, I am now doing the challenge, which will end on September 8th. 100 days. Three months and one week. A long, long time. The 100 day challenge has been done by a few bloggers and the place I first heard about it was Danielle who runs A Blog From Blackpool. 

To be able to complete this challenge, I need to cater it to fit my needs. So here are my rules.
  1. I am not allowed to buy any cosmetics, beauty, bath or body products; this includes everything. And I mean even when the newest must have product comes out, I am not allowed to give in to temptation. Thankfully I have more than enough of everything to keep me going.
  2. I am not allowed to buy any magazines, DVDs, or books.
  3. I am not allowed to buy any clothes; excluded from this is underwear and tights, if I need them. But only if I need them. 
  4. I am not allowed to order take away nor buy food unless I am out and there is no other option. Same for drinks. I am only allowed to eat out once a month, if it is a meal with friends.
  5. The things I can spend money on are; travel costs, anything Uni related, phone bills and other monthly bills, tobacco, beauty box subscriptions and birthday presents/father's day presents. 
So those are my rules. This is what I hope will make the challenge do-able for me. 

I decided to do this challenge because I am unemployed and a full time student. I have to rely on my student loan to live on and over the past couple of months I have exceptionally over spent. To the point where I have very little left to last me until October. 

I also wanted to do it because to my partner and friends, I am known for my over spending. I can't just go out and buy one thing, I have to get bags full. I seem to have completely lost any management over my money and it is becoming scary. I want to be able to show not only other people, but myself, that I can go without spending, that I don't need to go shopping every week. 

I am not doing this challenge alone, my best friend Hayley, who runs Wife Life Beauty will also be doing the challenge with me. As my shopping partner in crime, we're going to have to really help each other out to make sure we don't slip up! 

I know I can do this, and I know I will be able to look back at the end of the challenge and feel proud of myself for completing it!

So what about after the challenge? Well I have decided that if I succeed, I will buy myself a new set of GHD's. The ones I have now I have had for 7 years, since I was 18. So for me it'll be a nice treat and a much needed upgrade! As well as this in October me and Hayley are going to go on a celebratory shopping trip to London together! 

As well as this, after much talking to the lovely Lauren who runs The Beauty Habit, we are in the midst of planning a little London trip in October when my new Uni term starts. Food and shopping, just another thing for me to look forward to at the end of this challenge! 

I will be doing a weekly blog post to update on my progress throughout the challenge, as well as creating a wishlist on the blog for me to keep track of things I've seen and want. I wonder how many of them I will still want by the end of it?

Support is appreciated, and if anyone would like to join in and take part please let me know!