RedKen Smooth Down Heat Glide

10 Jun 2012

A picture of RedKen Smooth Down Heat Glide
Did you know, I am a fully trained hair dresser? Yup. It's true. I am. I used to run the hair side of a hair and beauty salon, too. But alas, I decided it wasn't what I wanted to do forever more and I wanted to go back to College, gain my A Levels and then go on to University, which I did. But when I worked in the salon I was trained in and used on a daily basis, RedKen. 

RedKen is such a great brand and one I would use for all of my hair's needs, if I could afford it. But, it is also an expensive brand so not one I can really afford to be indulging in. However very recently I came across the website Feel Unique and what did I happen to find on there? My favourite RedKen product of all.

Naturally my hair is wavy/curly and I straighten it most days. My hair is also naturally oily so I have to be careful what products I use. With RedKen Smooth Down Heat Glide, I apply either to towel dried hair or dry hair, to the mid-lengths to ends, avoiding the root area, and smoothing through. This product leaves my hair silky smooth, feeling gorgeous, and as straight as anything! There's nothing I don't love about this product! And to add to the reasons why I love this product, it lasts forever! Literally all you need is a tiny pump each time!