MaxFactor Flipstick Colour Effect

18 Jun 2012

A picture of Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Gypsy Red
Back at the beginning of May I came across a post on Fleur's blog, on the new MaxFactor flipsticks (see post here) and I was instantly in lust and dying to get my hands on one! 

A picture of Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Gypsy Red

The MaxFactor flipsticks come in six shades and MaxFactor markets these as follows:
"This season, colour gets creative. It's time to harness your inner artist and start Flipsticking. choose to wear either of Flipstick's two expertly matched shades, or choose both! This must-have make-up tool lets you experiment with lip artistry, and includes a rich creamy shade and a lighter shimmering shade, hand-chosen by our professional make-up artist to work together. Each duo lets you mix and blend through a splectrum of gorgeous colours, so you can find the right one for right now."

The six shades are
Bloomy Pink
Folky Pink
Boreal Mauve
Salsa Red
Gypsy Red
Swingy Brown

A picture of Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Gypsy Red
All of the shades are gorgeous but straight away I had my sights set on this beautiful duo, Gypsy Red. I adore it! I didn't even need to consider the colour choice when I spotted them in store and picked it straight up. And I can't deny it, this has got to be one of my favourite lip products, ever!

Both shades are really easy to use, soft, blendable and very moisturising on my lips. The red has a slight coral tone to it which is more evident once the gold shimmering shade is placed on top. You can vary the looks with these flipsticks and I think that's what I really love about them.

The swatches below are in four looks. The first is the red shade on it's own, followed by the red shade with the gold shimmery shade on top. Next to that is the gold shimmery shade alone, then with the red placed on top.

A picture of swatches of Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Gypsy Red
I am so glad I picked this gorgeous flipstick up and I know once my 100 Day Challenge is complete, I'll be adding more to my collection! I've had so many compliments when wearing this and it's perfect for a night out. It's got a fab colour pay off and is really long lasting!

Have you tried the MaxFactor flipsticks? Which shade is your favourite?