MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

20 Jun 2012

A picture of MAC Chatterbox Lipstick
My most popular post so far wasn't a review or a post raving about a new product, but one sharing my so-far negative experiences with MAC sales staff. The post, Mac Breaks My Heart, was read, re-tweeted and commented on more than I could have ever imagined. People shared with me similar stories of MAC customer service and although the majority were negative experiences, it was nice to know I wasn't the only one who had been receiving terrible customer service, particularly at the Nottingham branch.

A picture of MAC Chatterbox Lipstick
After the amazing response the post received, and the many encouraging comments to write to MAC about my experience, I decided to do just that and emailed the customer service team. My complaint was dealt with by a very reasonable, understanding and helpful girl called Kateyrina who assured me the complaint was being taken seriously and the appropriate measures to deal with it would be taken. As a gesture of apology I was offered a complimentary lipstick of my choice, which I felt was very kind.

I'm glad I emailed them, that my complaint is being dealt with and the appropriate measures being taken. I still don't think I will ever return to the Nottingham branch, though!

A picture of MAC Chatterbox Lipstick
I chose shade Chatterbox, one I swatched in store and instantly fell in love with, and was on my wish list. I am so glad I chose this shade because it is just as gorgeous as I remember it being when I swatched it and I think it may become a regular lip choice for me over the summer months. A gorgeous pinky shade which isn't too bright or in your face, I actually prefer this shade to Snob, which is a favourite of mine! 

I would like to thank every one who read Mac Breaks My Heart for the compliments, encouragement and kind words. You all helped soften the blow of the service I had received!

MAC Lipstick - Chatterbox - £13.50
*I wanted to point out I never had the intention to receive a free product from MAC when emailing them, but merely to discuss the service I had received at the Nottingham branch and try and understand why they felt it was acceptable to speak to people the way they spoke to me*
*I did not pay for this lipstick*