Download 2012

10 Jun 2012

So on Wednesday, me, my boyfriend and my best friend headed over to Download. Something I had been looking forward to, although admittedly, not as much as I have been in the past for other festivals over previous years. 

When we got there, the queue was horrendous, but to be expected. And whilst we were queuing it was actually roasting. The weather was misleading us!! By the time we got through the entrance and to the top of blue camp, the camp I always camp in, it had started pissing it down. And I'll tell you, pitching up a tent as big as ours, was not fun in the rain. But we got it up, eventually. 

Wednesday was chilled, Thursday was chilled. But it kept raining. The whole time. And it got muddy. Very, very muddy. And it was cold. So cold that at night even in clothes, a sleeping bag, a hoody, two blankets, the fella was still trying to have to warm me up through his sleeping bag, because I was shivering so much. Getting around, anywhere, was hell. With hi tops on (which became a Godsend) that soon became caked in mud. I had to have my fella help me walk around because I was constantly slipping or getting my shoes stuck in the mud, which was ankle deep.

Thursday night I got no sleep. I was so cold I was near tears and by Friday morning I was ready to go home. But the bands started Friday, so I couldn't. And everything was fine. Until Friday night when we were in The Prodigy crowd. My phone got stolen out of my bag during the wait for them to come on. And that was the last straw. 

So Saturday morning we got up, packed our shit up, leaving the tent, chairs, double air bed and sleeping bags, and came home. 

I'm not sad we came home, even if the weather gets better. In fact I could not be happier to be home and out of that horrendous situation. I don't care how much the tickets cost, how much we spent, Download this year for me was absolute hell. I've learnt that I never, ever want to camp at a festival again and although I love live music and festivals, I could not care less about missing the bands on Saturday and Sunday. I just couldn't stay in that mud, wind and rain any longer. 

Download showed me one thing though. And that's just how amazing my fella is. Trying to keep me warm when I'm shivering so much I'm shaking. Getting up in the middle of the night to help me walk through the piles of mud to the portaloo's. Dragging me out of The Prodigy pit when we both nearly lost our shoes and got knocked over. And trekking to the 24 hour police station with me to report my phone stolen. That boy looked after me no end. Me, who is usually the one looking after every one else. I quite adore that boy you know.

I hope every one else who manned it out and stayed enjoyed their weekend. But for me, enough was enough.