The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

25 Jun 2012

A picture of the The Hunger Games book trilogy
The Hunger Games trilogy has been a much talked about, and raved about, trilogy for a fair few months now. The books themselves have been out a considerable while now but since the release of the movie of the first book in the trilogy, the books are everywhere you look.

Admittedly, before the film came out, I had never heard of The Hunger Games. Bad, right? Especially for an avid reader and book lover. But I hadn't. 

So there was a massive hype around the movie when it came out. But after finding out the movie was based on a book, that was it, I couldn't see it. Not without reading the books first. And read them I did.

It has taken me a little less than two weeks altogether, to read the entire trilogy. Not bad going in between blogging, getting used to now ~ temporarily ~ living with my partner, social events with friends and Download festival.

I wasn't sure I was going to get into this trilogy as much as other people whom I'd seen rave and rave about them. But my golly gosh was I wrong! I fell in love with the books completely and utterly and I am actually devastated to say there is no more, that is it, the end. Obviously there are the films to look forward to, but books are always so much different. There will always be details in a book that you just cannot capture in a film, no matter how big your budget.

I don't want to go into detail about each book in this review, that would take a long time and the plot is very varied and often complicated in places. So instead I will give you a run down of the entire trilogy.

For starters, the entire trilogy is insanely addictive. You really get a feel of the lead characters life, Katniss Everdeen. The whole trilogy is from her perspective and you go through emotion she does. Katniss Everdeen is from District 12 in Paneem, and volunteers to take her younger sisters place in The Hunger Games - A sadistic arena set up where two tributes from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol fight to the death. 

Other characters you really get a close feel of are Gale, Katniss' closest friend, Peeta, the second tribute from District 12 who joins Katniss in the games, Haymitch, their mentor and a previous winner of the games, as well as many other characters. 

The first book details the 74th annual Hunger Games, whilst the other two books detail the onslaught of a rebellion against the games and Capitol.

I don't want to say much more, in fear of ruining it for new readers. But the trilogy is exciting, tense, emotional, passionate and thrilling. It's a great alternative to other books out their with female lead roles, and is quite possibly the best trilogy I have yet to read. There's violence, passion, love, friendships, terror, fear and excitement throughout the whole trilogy.

I could not recommend this trilogy enough. The Hunger Games have become some of my most favourite books and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, getting to know the characters, being completely sucked into the story line and going along the roller-coaster of emotions with Katniss. All three books were very hard to put down!

Have you read The Hunger Games? What do you think of them? Who is your favourite character and why? 

A picture of The Hunger Games book trilogy