A not so 'Glossybox'...

22 Jun 2012

A picture of a Glossybox

 So this week saw the arrival of the June Glossybox on my doorstep. As with previous months, I was so, so excited to receive it and I squealed as I picked it up. I love receiving beauty subscription boxes and I had really high hopes for the June box. That was, until I opened it. So what did I get in this month's box?
The box is advertised as a box to help you channel your sexy summer style.

"With products covering your every summer beauty need, you can be sure you'll be beach beautiful in no time."

Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush
"This classic series natural goat hair blush brush gives a supersoft make-up application."
This was the first thing I noticed and to be utterly honest, I laughed. I found it an utter joke that one of the "5 luxury beauty samples" we are promised to receive each month, was one of their own brushes. A brush which not only isn't cruelty free, but feels harsh and coarse. A brush I would never put on my face or near my products. And if you can believe it, they valued this brush at...
Full Size: £15

YVES Rocher France Mini Mascara Ultra-Volume Sexy Pulp

"An innovative maxi-brush with generous curves for a lash plumping result. 12 Hour wear."
This I was a little happier to see, as it's a handy size to put in my handbag as well as being a brand I haven't heard of nor tried before. I have used this already and it is good, except you need a minimum of two coats for any effect to be seen. I received a 2.5ml sample of this.
Full Size: 9ml £16.90

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer
"Multi-purpose pure-mineral bronzer. Add a touch of summer warmth to your face."
Ok so BM mineral make up is something I am interested in. But what I am not interested in is a tiny put of very shimmery, orangey bronzer that is difficult to use in such a small pot. It's ok, and I may try it as a bronzed highlight on some summer nights (if we get any) but I wasn't thrilled at all. I received a 1g sample of this.
Full Size: 4g £8

Agent Provocateur Perfume Samples (3)
"A new collection of three new feminine, sensual and tantalizing day fragrances."
Now this was something I was excited to see, even more so when I realised they were all pump samples. Now, personally, I don't believe in day and night perfumes. I wear the perfume I want at the time I want to. All three of these do smell lovely and are perfect for my handbag, and it's my favourite thing in this month's box. I received three 1.5ml samples.
Full Size: 50ml £39

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

"Vichy's expert camouflage foundation stick for minor to severe skin flaws."
This confused me. If Glossybox had paid attention to my beauty profile, they would know that I have no minor nor severe skin flaws. They would also know that my skin tone means that none of the shades provided in this sample match me, at all. Still, I may give it a go as a concealer and see how it works. I received a 6g sample of this.
Full Size: 12g £19

A picture of Glossybox UK
Now you may ask, "What's so wrong with this box?" and yes, OK, many, many people are very happy with their boxes. But it's true, I'm not. I'm not happy at all. For starters, I think the Glossybox brush is a complete and utter joke. They have priced a non-cruelty free, scratchy feeling brush at £15, more expensive than Real Techniques brushes which are a gazillion, billion times better than this one could ever hope to be. Not only have they over priced it, but they have also included this as an actual sample of the five samples we are expected to receive each month. To me, that is utterly baffling.

Secondly, the bronzer sample and foundation starter kit sample, do not match my needs or complexion as listed on my beauty profile. This box really made me realise that although every subscriber is asked to fill in a beauty profile, in three boxes I have not received one item tailored to my profile. So what is the point of the profiles? The only good thing about this box, is the mini mascara and the perfume samples. 

After receiving this box I instantly unsubscribed. I cannot afford to be spending £12.95 a month for a box which doesn't cater to what I like. Now don't get me wrong. I know that a beauty subscription box is to receive samples of brands you have not heard of, tried before, or considered. I understand that. But I was disappointed with last month's eagerly awaited 1st anniversary box, and this one was just disgraceful.

I actually decided to email Glossybox. The email is a bit long for here but it basically said that I had unsubscribed, I wasn't happy with my box, I felt my beauty profile had repeatedly been ignored, that the brush was awful, over priced and not a justified sample. I also mentioned that I felt it was unfair that different people received different things, leaving some people with good boxes and products, and others with downright awful samples. They emailed me back, stating that they were sorry I wasn't happy, that every one received the same box (which is clear from YouTube unboxing videos, Twitter and various blog posts from other bloggers that it is not the case) and they hoped to see me return in the future.

I really felt this reply just wasn't enough from them. I felt like it was a standard reply more than likely sent to many people and they ignored several points I made. 

On Tuesday night whilst discussing this month's box on Twitter, I came across people in their hoards also severely disappointed in this month's box. As well as this, I found two blog posts, which I could not recommend enough that you read. The first, about Lucy's experience with Glossybox which you can read here. I thought Lucy's story was bad enough, until I saw another link circulating Twitter and lots of people talking about it. So I had a look for myself. You can read Jo's story for yourself, here

I have seen countless Tweets about poor service from Glossybox, people declaring that after leaving unhappy comments on the Facebook pages, that their comments had been deleted and they then blocked from commenting again. Add to this Lucy and Jo's story, the terrible box for June and the amount of people feeling let down and conned out of money, well, it isn't a great way for Glossybox to advertise themselves.

Originally when I unsubscribed I thought come October when my new Uni year starts, I'd sign up again. But after every thing I've read, stories I've heard and people who have shared their experiences with me? I won't be signing up to Glossybox again. It is an over-hyped service, with not-so-great customer service and a lack of attentive and considerate action taken for their customers. And personally, I feel it associates the brands who work with them in a bad light too. I know if I was a big brand company, I wouldn't want my products associated with Glossybox. I am more than happy to stick with She Said Beauty who always deliver, pay attention to my profile, send generous sample sizes as well as often sending full sizes, and are a cheaper alternative, too.

Personally, I believe that every human being should be treated with decency and respect. We are all the same at the end of the day; trying to make a positive and worthwhile life work for us. I try to surround myself with people like that. And when you find you are aiding a company, or a 'famous' blogger, that are the opposite to that? Well, no thanks. 

Since writing this post I have found out that the perfume samples are in fact already free samples and easy to get hold off on the Agent Provocateur Facebook and website. This has irked me even more, leaving me feeling conned by Glossybox.

I have also since found out, that someone who works for Glossybox caused quite a stir on the Facebook page, by ~accidentally~ openly admitting the beauty profiles are never looked at nor considered, and are in fact worthless. Thanks Glossybox. Real great service.