Real Techniques Brushes Review

1 May 2012

There's no getting away from them. Everyone, everywhere, all around the World has heard of Real Techniques brushes, created by the talented Samantha Chapman. When I first heard of them, I was a little dubious. There seems to be a massive hype over brushes that I never saw myself personally dishing out the money for. Then a few things miraculously changed my mind, and I haven't looked back since! 

A picture of Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set, Blush Brush and Powder Brush
A picture of Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set, Blush Brush and Powder Brush
The first thing you notice about these brushes is that they look great! Available in a variety of colours with a slight metallic glow to them, these brushes are big, versatile and look amazing. They look sleek, expensive (far more expensive than they are) and they stand out from the usual black and silver combination you find with most brushes. So why are these brushes so good? Not only do these brushes do the job perfectly, as well as each brush being perfect for a multiple of functions, the bristles are unbelievably soft. I don't think I have ever come across brushes with such silky soft bristles! What's even better is you can try these brushes out in groups, which now I have them and see the quality, I realise the price which I was so reluctant to pay (ok, stingy) is actually amazing for what you get! You can buy some brushes individually, others in sets. The sets come in a handy carry case and brush holder which not only folds to stand, making your brushes even more accessible, but you can also pop the case in your hand bag for easy to reach for brushes throughout the day! I have the core collection, blush brush and powder brush!

A picture of Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set, Blush Brush and Powder Brush
Core collection
"Real Techniques hi-tech brushes by Samantha Chapman help make you the expert. This core collection can help create the perfect canvas."

Detailer brush
"Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas: or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition."

I find this brush perfect for concealer and it works brilliantly with my Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer kit. It's perfect for applying concealer effortlessly and the soft bristles ensure no problem areas are irritated during application.

Pointed foundation brush
"Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage."
At first, I didn't get on with this brush at all. In fact, I actually thought it was horrendous for applying liquid foundation and nowhere near big enough. But then I found a better use for it and I am now just as in love with this brush as all of the others! I use it to apply my Topshop pressed powder highlighter, particularly under my brow line, and it's just perfect! I'm so glad I found a use for this brush after originally deeming it useless. 

Buffing brush
"Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation."
I adore this brush! I use it to apply my Rimmel creamy pressed powder and it gives me perfect coverage. I did use to use my MAC 187 for buffing but this has completely taken over (as well as my MAC 187 is taken to the boyfriends to be used there, instead!)  I think this one is my favourite of all my Real Techniques brushes!

Contour brush
"Delicately applies highlighter to contour or create a sheer, soft-focus finish."
I'm not very good at contouring, personally. I find it difficult because my face, in general, lacks any definition (chubby chops!) so I have been using this brush more so for applying highlighter rather than any contouring with bronzers, etc. 

Panoramic case
"Dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organised on your counter or on the go."
I think this is just such a great extra to the core collection and I keep all of my Real Techniques brushes in it whether I'm at home or if I'm out and about I pop it in my bag and it's just there and ready whenever I need it!

A picture of Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set, Blush Brush and Powder Brush
Blush brush
"Hand cut to contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high definition results."
I don't very often wear blush, in fact I never used to. But recently I have been on the search for some blushes that suit me and have found quite a few that I have really been enjoying getting to grips with. So I decided I needed a brush that would work best for me with my new blushes, and what brush would I pick other than the Real Techniques blush brush? This brush is big, soft and flexible and has been perfect for applying blush!

Powder brush
"Evenly applies powders and mineral foundations for smooth, high definition results."
This brush is the newest in my Real Techniques collection and I have been using it for bronzer predominately, because I like my bronzer to make an impact, as well as applying bronzer all over! The brush itself is huge! I was shocked when I got it out of the packaging by just how big this brush is, and like all the others, incredibly soft! I eventually want to try a mineral foundation and when I do I am sure this brush will be perfect for it! 

The Real Techniques brushes are in my opinion, simply amazing. They are well worth the money and in fact, complete bargains for what you get! I think I might be a little addicted! And I hope to add the starter set and shading brush soon! I would definitely recommend these brushes to any one and every one and I am so glad I took the plunge!