Bdellium 995 Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush

11 May 2012

A picture of Bdellium 995 Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush
Everyone who is a fan of Louise and Zoe will have heard about their joint enterprise, Louella. 

A picture of Bdellium 995 Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush

When I heard about Louella I was both super excited for the both of them and also really intrigued! I have a ton of make up brushes and I love them, particularly my Real Techniques brushes. But the only brush I have never had, is a kabuki brush. So I contacted Louise on her Twitter and asked her how best she would recommend to use a kabuki brush and after a very quick reply I decided to take the plunge and pick one up from Louella! 

A picture of Bdellium 995 Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush
One thing I cannot praise them enough for is the speedy delivery! I ordered my kabuki on the Sunday, it was posted on the Monday and I received it on the Tuesday! Talk about fast delivery!! It arrived in a gorgeous, girly pink packing envelope and I knew straight away it was my new kabuki brush as I have seen many people tweet or post Instagram photos of theirs arriving, too! 

A picture of Bdellium 995 Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush
So what do I think of my new kabuki brush? Well, I just adore it! First of all (and one of the things which heavily swayed my decision to purchase one!) is the colour. All my brushes are pretty standard in appearance, with my Real Techniques brushes being the only ones which stand out from the crowd. And I just love that this is a green brush! 

"This brush offers full coverage application for a polished finish. It's fully rounded and dome-shaped with a short handle, giving ultimate control and a flawless result. All brushes are eco-friendly with sustainable bamboo handles. They are vegan, made with soft, synthetic bristles and are 100% cruelty free."

And the description doesn't lie! I love the bamboo handle and the bristles are oh so soft and lovely! I think you could compare the softness of the bristles to that of the Real Techniques brushes, but this kabuki has far more volume and many more bristles in comparison, which makes it feel even softer! 

I've been using it to apply my Stargazer pressed powder all over my face and it makes the powder go on effortlessly! This brush is super easy to use and a new favourite in my ever growing collection of make up brushes!

Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush - £14.95