Good Things Skincare

5 May 2012

A picture of Good Things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator and Eyes Bright Eye Cream
Every time I go into Boots, I see this brand and I look at the packaging lovingly and I am always so tempted, but for months and months I haven't indulged as I didn't 'need' any more skin care products. But finally, I had a reason to try Good Things out! I have been wanting an eye cream for a while now and I shopped around. I looked into No7, as that's where the majority of my skin care products comes from, but I felt the price was unjustified. The same with the Body Shop, Clarins and Clinique. I tried to find the Sanctuary eye gel that I have had before, but there were none available in any of the Boots I had looked in. And so I decided to try the eye cream from Good Things. 

"Good Things facial skincare has been developed by award-winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis using her years of expertise in the beauty industry. Specially designed to make the most of young skin, the Good Things range uses super-fruit beauty boosters in gentle, super-effective formulations."

A picture of Good Things Eyes Bright Eye Cream
Good Things 'Bright Eyes' eye cream
"Anti Puffiness and dark circles with super-fruit extracts from raspberry and lychee fruit."
The thing which first appealed to me about trying an eye cream from Good Things was the fruits used in the product. I adore fruit and two of my favourites are lychee's and raspberries. So it really appealed to me! I've been using this morning and night for the past week and I have to admit, I love it. I didn't think I would see any drastic improvements. Generally, I just wanted an eye cream to start taking care of my eyes and the skin around them. But with this eye cream I have seem changes after just one week! I haven't had any dark circles since using this product and I notice straight away once applying an almost instant reduction in puffiness once using. It's a great little product and I'm glad I added it into my skincare regime!

A picture of the Good Things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator
Good Things 'Deep Clean' 
"Blackhead exfoliator with super-fruit extracts from papaya and licorice fruit."
I used to exfoliate my face every few days in the shower, until I had a skin consultation by Clarins in Selfridges on Oxford Street, London. I have super oily combination skin and the Clarins adviser told me that exfoliating was bad for my skin type and would only make my skin more oily. So, I stopped. Yet all I have noticed since stopping was that my skin had become even more horrendously oily, to an unbearable degree. So last week I had another skin consultation, from the Clinique stand in Debenhams, Leicester. And I was told that the Clarin's adviser had been wrong! If anything, it's more important for me to exfoliate because of my oily skin! I was recommended to get a gentle exfoliator with very small, delicate exfoliating beads. Obviously I was suggested the Clinique exfoliator for oily skin types, but that was a bit out of my price range. So when I saw that Good Things had a blackhead exfoliator, I gave it a little go on the back of my hand and found it was exactly what I was looking for! 

I can honestly say this is the best exfoliator I have ever used, and I've used a lot over the years. With no exaggeration, I actually saw a difference after just one day of using this product morning and night as recommended. And my skin has been a million times better since. I am less oily, my pores are clear and noticeably smaller and my skin feels great! I am so glad I picked this up!

Have you tried Good Things? What do you think of Good Things?