Who is the tattooed tealady?

3 Apr 2012

I think for my first post, it would only be fair to tell you a little about me! Seeing as this blog will predominately be about the things I like and enjoy, and what I think about stuff! 

Well my name is Sophia, I am 23 and I am a student studying Psychology BSc at a North London University. I am addicted to tea, tattoos and reading. I have some amazing friends who keep me sane, a lovely boyfriend I rather quite like and I have an addiction to all things beauty.

I am unable to go out shopping, without buying make up, body or hair products of some kind or another. It's like I am addicted to it! I have more beauty products than is sane and I love every last one of them!

I am Greek Cypriot, so I have a naturally tanned complexion as well as being unfortunate enough to have oily combination skin! 

So what do I know about 'beauty'? Well, to be honest, not very much. By trade I am a fully trained hair stylist and whilst working in a salon I was also lucky enough to be taught manicures, pedicures (both standard and luxury), facials, some waxing, gel and acrylic nails. I have a basic understanding of skin types, and a more in depth understanding of various hair types. 

Aside from that, I have had to learn what works best for me, by myself. My first set of make up was given to me by my mother when I was 11 and not one bit of that set was right for my complexion. It has taken several years of experimentation, trial and error, to find what works for me, what suits me best and what I can do to enhance my features.

I'm hoping this blog will be useful for anyone else with an adoration for beauty and I plan to post regularly! 

Welcome to my blog :)