Where's my mirror with pretty lights?

4 Apr 2012

I would love to be able to say that I have some extravagant beauty desk where all my stuff is neatly arranged and organised, with a mirror with lights around and every last tool you can imagine to help me put on my face in glamorous style. 

Realistically, my make up 'station' as such is my bathroom. As it is just me and my dad living here, the bathroom has pretty much become 'Sophia's bathroom'. I have products every where, from make up, to hair products, skin care products and all the bath beauties you could dream of! (OK, maybe not, there's plenty more I would adore, but still) And as this blog is about my make up, my products, my pretty things, I thought it's only fair to share with you just where and how I keep my pretties!

This is my main 'work station'. I like to apply my make up in the bathroom because we have quite a nice sized bathroom which gets some natural light, and the lights we have in the bathroom are also really good with our large mirror. 

As well as what you can see in the above photo, I have also commandeered the below cupboard and also, a smaller cupboard above, in which I keep medicines, handmade soaps, face cloths, first aid bits and bobs, creams, lotions and bath and body products. 

So let me take you through everything in sections. 

As you may have noticed, my storage for all my bits and bobs is a bit mismatched. But, it works for me. In the Playboy tin I have all of my lip products. This includes lip balms, lip conditioners, lip primers, lip sticks and lip glosses. The two beige tubs at the back were originally a pot which came with a set of brushes, that I have turned into two storage pots. One holds brushes, usually more full but some are still drying from this mornings wash, and the other holds eye liners, eye brow pencils, eye gels and eye lash curlers. And finally, the very pretty porcelain/clay mug at the front which was a Christmas gift from my friends Hayley and Aaron from Amsterdam, holds all of my various mascaras.  

Next there is my little basket of 'bits and bobs'. In here I have just general products ranging from face masks, hair conditioning treatment sachets, clips, razors, creams, tattoo creams and ointments, larger brushes, a make up brush set, etc, etc, etc. It's literally all my odds and ends! 

The gold box you can see featured in the other photos is actually a RedKen jewellery box. I acquired this when working in a salon, as RedKen was our brand of choice and I have always used it for storing make up as any jewellery I used to store in it would eventually get tangled! So in this box I keep my face products. These include primers, a BB cream, highlighters, bronzers, blushes. And chucked in there is also my gel eye liners, an eye brightening kit and a beauty book from Elf. 

And finally, my vanity case. Which is full to the brim with various eye shadows! 

Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary. Just a wise use of limited space and a little bit of organising!