Oscar's Alice in Wonderland birthday party

28 Apr 2012

I wanted to share something a little bit different with you all today. That gorgeous little man in the photo with me is my nephew, Oscar. And on Wednesday he turned 1! I have no idea where the past year has gone, time has flown by! Oscar is a very special little man to me, whose been an absolute ray of sunshine in all of our lives and been an amazingly positive impact on me personally. His birthday party was a Mad Hatters very un-birthday tea party! (The love of tea runs in the family) So I wanted to blog some of my favourite photos and share them with you all! 

A picture of an Alice in Wonderland birthday party
A picture of an Alice in Wonderland birthday party
 My brother, Frank, and sister-in-law, Rebecca, really out did themselves today. It was held in their local church hall and they put on a lovely spread of a variety of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and every one had their own tea cup and saucer and plate. Before entering the hall you had to have a tiny shot of a special liquid, to make you small enough to fit through the 'rabbit whole'. There were party games, musical chairs which my boyfriend took part in which made me really chuckle, there was croquet played with flamingos, just like in Alice in Wonderland, we played musical statues and pin the tail on the meerkat (long story about the meerkat, won't bore you all!) as well as guessing how many chesire cats were hidden around the hall! 

A picture of an Alice in Wonderland birthday partyA picture of an Alice in Wonderland birthday party
 I actually spent most of the day looking after Oscar with my boyfriend, whilst every one else ran around making sure every one else had enough tea and food and that every one was having fun! It was a really lovely day and I had lots of fun! I want my very own Mad Hatters un-birthday tea party for my birthday now, too!

A picture of an Alice in Wonderland birthday party

I really loved how much Oscar took to Martyn, my boyfriend. They've met once before but today as it was mostly me and Martyn looking after Oscar, he really took to him and they were like cool little best friends by the end of the after noon! It was lovely for me to see, as Martyn is fairly new in my life only having met him five months ago and of course Oscar is a huge part of my life so it was so nice for me to see them getting on like a house on fire! (Plus, I think my boyfriend looks good with a baby, what do you think girls?)

A picture of an Alice in Wonderland birthday cake

Frank and Rebecca put on an absolutely lovely day for Oscar's first birthday, and it's going to be very hard to top next year!