Lush Lip Scrub Review

11 Apr 2012

A picture of Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I adore so many Lush products and this lip scrub in flavour bubblegum, is one of my favourites! I actually had to take a few trips into Lush and eye it up several times before I finally took the plunge to buy it, and that was thanks to the lovely staff at the Nottingham branch who gave me a sample to take home!

Like all Lush packaging, it comes in a handy little pot which easily fits in your handbag or make up bag. It's clean, crisp packaging is easily identifiable as a Lush product and it's the simplicity of the packaging that I adore.

The lib scrub itself is a vibrant pink colour and has a gorgeous bubblegum scent (and taste!) It also comes in other flavours; Mint julips and sweet lips. I was drawn to this one mainly for the colour at first, it's more fun and girly! 

Usage wise, a little is more than enough for one usage and you can tell a difference after each use in the texture and feel of your lips. If there is one downside however it's that it's not a very oily based scrub like most body scrubs are, for example. And as you are scrubbing your lips the product does have a tendency to drop all over you! 

I love this lip scrub that much I even bought one for my best friend who had been eyeing it up herself and I would have no problems buying it again in the future for myself or as a gift for someone else! 

Lush Lip Scrub - Bubblegum - 25g - £4.95