Eye brow wax/reshape update

26 Apr 2012

So I've just got back from having my eye brows reshaped. I am happy with the overall shape. A tiny bit was taken from the centre (the bit between both brows, not the centre of a brow) of the left eye brow to make it more symmetrical to the right eye brow which was ruined by a trainee beautician six years ago. So they look much better, more symmetrical and even. I also had the right one reshaped into more of a curve to fit the left one.

So overall, I am happy. If anyone is interested, it cost me £7.50.

I have made an appointment to have them done again, four weeks from today. Which I had to haggle with her over as she recommended six weeks but my eye brows actually grow rather quickly and as my hair is naturally black, they are very noticeable. But I don't know if I will actually go back again as the idea of having bushy eye brows is in no way appealing to me. As well as that, there is the point that all I wanted was a reshape, which I now have. And I am happy to pluck still opposed to sticking to waxing. But we will see how I go with growing them out and see how I feel about it.