Brushes, brushes, brushes!

4 Apr 2012

Today's first deed of the day, was giving my brushes a good old wash!

I never used to wash my brushes. In fact, if I'm honest, the idea never even crossed my mind. Then my lovely friend Hayley told me that she cleans hers and I did a bit of research and soon realised what an awful faux par I've been making by not cleaning my brushes! 

Did you know that our make up brushes are home to bacteria and dirt which can lead to spots and blemishes? 

Personally, that's something I want to avoid. And when I did look into it and realised just how important it is to clean your make up brushes, I felt oh so very silly, it should have been common sense to do so! 

But, now I do. 

I wash my brushes on a weekly basis and my foundation brushes every few days as these are used the most. I don't have any posh or expensive brush cleaners, nor any special miracle formulas. What I rely on is a cheap and cheerful, simple little bottle from Elf, simply named 'Brush Shampoo'. 

It's surprising just how many people have different techniques for cleaning their make up brushes. But this is how I clean mine...

Fill your bathroom sink with warm water and lightly soak each brush, avoiding getting water on the handles. 
Apply a pea sized drop of your selected brush cleaner to the bristles and work in, massaging the cleaner through.
Rinse all brushes in the warm water, thoroughly. 
Empty sink and repeat cleaning process, this time under running water, until the water runs clear.
Place on a clean face cloth to dry, ensuring all bristles are placed how they would fall when dry.

It's as simple as that! 

As well as using my Brush Shampoo regularly, I also make sure I use my Elf Daily Brush Cleanser after each use, just to keep it extra clean and germ free!

A step-by-step guide to cleaning makeup brushes