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18 January 2019

Two Months of Hadley

Hadley is now two months old (as of January 7th, in fact, so this update is just a tad late), so it's time for another update on how she is doing, as well as how we're doing as a family now that there are four of us.

Generally, Hadley is still showing to be a very easy going baby. Over the past month, we have had a couple of firsts as well as seeing a change in how active and alert she is.

30 December 2018

Luvabella Doll Review

*AD: editorial review 

Since Willow became a big sister, she has been much more into her baby dolls and copying the way I am with Hadley, with her dolls. She breastfeeds and bottle feeds them, she winds them, she changes their nappies - dolls can be a super simple way to help your little ones learn more about babies and a great way to encourage kindness, love and affection. 

A picture of the blonde Luvabella doll

That's why we've been loving the Luvabella doll, which Willow kindly received the same week Hadley was born; it's more realistic than other baby dolls we have and Willow loves looking after her Luvabella.

11 December 2018

One Month of Hadley

On December 7th Hadley was exactly one month old. Her one month update is a little later than planned but I wanted to share an update with you all, as I so enjoyed writing Willow's monthly updates when she was a baby. Babies change so much in their first year, it really is lovely to document everything and it will be so special to look back on and read all about their early weeks, months and years when they're older. 


1 December 2018

The Christmas Tag 2018

As a self-confessed lover of all things Christmas, The Christmas Tag is right up my street. It's been quite some time (a good few years!) since I last did a 'blogger tag', but in with Christmas just a few weeks away I thought it'd be a fun little post to share. If you want to take part too, just answer the tag questions in the comments below!


30 November 2018

5 Things I Did Differently in my Second Pregnancy

My second pregnancy is over and Hadley has been here for three weeks (did you catch her birth announcement and one week update as a family of four?), so I thought I would share some of the things I did differently during this pregnancy. For me, although symptoms wise my pregnancy with Hadley was almost identical to my pregnancy with Willow, emotionally, mentally and physically, it was very, very different.

A photo for a feature on things I did differently during my second pregnancy
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