11 March 2014

Guide to UK subscription boxes

A guide to UK monthly subscription services
When I started my own blog, there was always one monthly review I'd eagerly await for from my favourite bloggers. Beauty box reviews were, and still are, everywhere. I signed up to a few different boxes and each month I was either really impressed, or really disappointed, resulting in a few subscription cancellations. I stuck with a couple of favourites, and those are still my favourite beauty boxes now. Through subscribing to beauty boxes, I started finding other monthly boxes available in the UK and came across everything from food to lifestyle and drink related monthly subscription services available. I've tried my fair few, and I wanted to create a more updated post from my beauty subscription service posts in 2012 (link) and 2013 (link) For anyone new to monthly subscription boxes, they are a service provided for a variety of interests ranging in price, delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Usually the contents of your chosen box will be a surprise until it arrives! It's a way of trying a lot of products, without having to fork out a lot of money to see without knowing you'll like them. There's a box for everyone, and this is just my thoughts on ones I've tried and tested myself, a few of my favourites, and some I want to try in the future worth looking at too!

BIRCHBOX I was so glad when Birchbox landed in the UK and their boxes always have a fab contents that I'm pretty happy with. Birchbox provides more high-end and luxurious samples than most of the beauty boxes I have tried, including products from other Countries and the lifestyle extras and inserts are a lovely touch. I often share Birchbox subscription offers, so make sure to keep an eye out! Birchbox also have an online shop where you can buy products featured in the boxes, including brands exclusive to Birchbox. PRICE: £10 a month plus £2.95 post & packaging, subscription offers available. Find out more about Birchbox here.

LATEST IN BEAUTY I've tried various Latest in Beauty Collection boxes in the past, and think they are a great box for grabbing a box of great products, including high-street and high-end, at a bargain price. You know every product which will be in the box and only order if it takes your fancy. Latest in Beauty offer LIB collection boxes, collaborating with big brands, as well as Luxury Samples boxes. PRICE: Latest in Beauty Collection Boxes, £14.95, postage £3.95 across the site. One off payments, opposed to monthly subscriptions. Find out more about Latest in Beauty here.
Use my exclusive code to grab 10% off of Latest in Beauty orders: Simply enter the code LIBTTL10 at checkout to receive 10% off. Code is valid until 20/04/2014.

LACQUER LOVE Not a box I have tried before, but one I have heard mentioned a lot which would be perfect for polish fans out there! PRICE: £14.95 plus £3.95 post & packaging. Find out more about Lacquer Love here.

LOVE LULA BEAUTY BOX I haven't tried Love Lula before, but as a box which promises to include natural beauty products and brands in the boxes, they're one I'm hoping to look at soon. The Love Lula boxes were created to give customers of their online shop, a chance to try products before investing in the full size. As well as being available to the UK, Love Lula offer International shipping (check the site for more info) PRICE: £12 a month with free delivery, subscription offers available. Find out more about Love Lula Beauty Box here.

LOVE ME BEAUTY I've tried LoveMeBeauty since they launched and I really love the way you are able to pick and choose between three different boxes each month, to ensure you get the box with products most matched to your tastes. The products featured in LoveMeBeauty boxes are usually pretty affordable in price so easy to repurchase if you like one of the products enough, with a good variety of different beauty products. PRICE: £10 a month plus £2.95 post & packaging, subscription offers available. Find out more about LoveMeBeauty here.
Use my exclusive code to grab 10% off of LoveMeBeauty: Use my code when subscribing to any of the LoveMeBeauty subscriptions, to receive 10% off of the total price of your chosen subscription. All you have to do is use code TTL10! Code is valid until 04/04/2014.

SOUKSOUK I've recently come across SoukSouk, yet to try them myself. SoukSouk offers three different boxes; the Little Green Box, the Bespoke Beauty Box as well as Limited Edition boxes. A green beauty box that offers organic, natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free beauty products. SoukSouk also have their own online shop. PRICE: Little Green Box; £10 a month plus £2.95 post & packaging, Bespoke Beauty Box; from £25 plus £2.95 post & packaging, Limited Edition boxes; From £25 plus post & packaging. Find out more about SoukSouk here.
Use  my exclusive code to grab a 3 month subscription to SoukSouk with a saving of £8: SoukSouk are offering my readers a 3 month subscription for just £28 plus post and packaging, saving £8. Just use code GG3 at checkout! Code is valid until 30/04/2014.

YOU BEAUTY DISCOVERY I've tried a couple of the Limited Edition You Beauty Discovery boxes and I've been really impressed with the contents. For money for value, You Beauty Discovery and Latest in Beauty are the best options in my opinion. You Beauty Discovery offer the Members Box, which is a monthly box I really want to sign up to, as well as Limited Edition boxes. PRICE: Members Box; £6.95 with free delivery, Limited Edition boxes; £19.95 with free delivery. Find out more about You Beauty Discovery here.


ABEL & COLE I adore Abel & Cole and have been buying fruit, veg and extras from them for around 18 months now. You can buy various different food boxes, covering all themes of fresh produce including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and spices (and a lot, lot more), as well as doing a full shop on the Abel & Cole website through their online store. The quality of foods available from Abel & Cole is impressive, and delivery is even better. PRICE: Varies, 99p delivery. Find out more about Abel & Cole here.

EIGHTPOINTNINE EightPointNine are the subscription service which made me like coffee - shocker! You can create your own blends or take up some of the recommendations, and have your coffee freshly ground and posted through your letterbox! PRICE: £5.89 plus free delivery. Find out more about EightPointNine here.

FLAVRBOX I've tried Flavrbox a couple of times and think it's a great way to try produce you wouldn't normally pick up in the supermarket. Some of our cupboard regulars have been from brands featured in the Flavrboxes I have tried in the past! There's two boxes available each month; the Regular Box and the Vegetarian Box. PRICE: £18 a month plus £2 post & packaging. Find out more about Flavrbox here.

GRAZE Easily one of my favourite subscription boxes, Graze not only delivers monthly but weekly, too! You sign up, choose how many boxes you want a week and what kind of healthy snacks you'd like inside, and they're delivered through your letter box, four little snacks boxes! PRICE: From £2.99. Find out more about Graze here.
Use my Graze friendCode and you can try your 1st, 5th and 10th Graze box for free! As an extra bonus, for everyone who uses my code, I am able to donate £1 through Graze to the Uganda School of Farming! My Graze friendCode for a free box is Y1LM726TP!

HELLO FRESH Hello Fresh is another box I've tried quite a few times and I think it's such a fun way to learn new recipes and try new foods. The Hello Fresh boxes come in a variety of sizes and come with exact ingredients and recipe cards to create a variety of delicious meals. There's five ways to try Hello Fresh; the Trial Classic Box, the Classic Box, the Veggie Box, the Family Box and the Gift Box. PRICE: From £4.95, differing per type of box. Find out more about Hello Fresh here. 


THE VEGAN KIND One of the boxes I look forward to the most each month and one which gets better and better with every box. I have loved practically every product in every box I have received. TheVeganKind provides lifestyle boxes which include beauty, home, food and lifestyle related goodies, which are all vegan friendly. TheVeganKind ship in the UK and Europe, donating money from each box sold to animal charitiesPRICE: £10 a month plus £2.95 post & packaging. Find out more about TheVeganKind here.
Use my code and you can subscribe to TheVeganKind with 20% off! A fantastic offer of a 20% discount for new subscribers to TheVeganKind on their first box! Just use code TVK20 at the checkout to receive your 20% off! Valid until April 1st.

NOT-ANOTHER-BILL I haven't tried this subscription before, but it did catch my eye when I was on the look out for boxes worth subscribing to. Describing the box to be a perfect monthly surprise to add something special into a mix of monthly bills we all dread and hate. The selection of designers and gifts from previous boxes look extravagant, very high-quality and as if each item has been specially picked for you. PRICE: £18 a month with free delivery, subscription offers available. Find out more about NOT-ANOTHER-BILL here. 
Sign up to NOT-ANOTHER-BILL for £10 off of your first box. NOT-ANOTHER-BILL have offered my readers a generous £10 off when subscribing to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plans. Just use code BILL-BCP at checkout. Code is valid until April 30th.


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  1. Wow they all sound really good! I'm a coffee fan so EightPointNine is just my thing.I didn't realise there was so many,the first I had heard about was Glossybox.xx


  2. Great post, I'm wanting to try a beauty box very soon so this is really helpful


  3. A fantastic review of the boxes on offer. I used to subscribe to one many moons ago before everyone jumped on board (probably around 8 years ago) and for around £20, I got a monthly tube containing around 5 - 6 full sized products. If I remember rightly the products were worth over £100 and targeted to your skin and your needs. I don't like now, that beauty boxes are all the same or that you can choose the products in advance (I love the surprise!) I was going to sign up for Birchbox this month for the LuLu Guinness exclusive, but after seeing the products inside, I was glad I didn't.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  4. Holy crap, have you really tried all of those boxes?! If so, you, my friend, are addicted! Haha! This is a really good review, so in-depth and helpful. I do not live in the UK but we have similar subscription box type things in Australia. Have always wanted to try them! Anyway! I love love love your blog, you write so well! Popping over to Bloglovin' to follow you nnnnnnnnnnnnow. :) :)


  5. I think i love you a little bit :) (maybe because you live close enough to stalk lol)
    anyway if you decide to join LBD let me know and i'm happy to be one of your referrals (after 3 referrals you get a free months subscription), i just signed up to BB and GB this month simply because as great as LMB looks i've heard it's a little like a rat race to get the best product before they run out and your subbed with something not so great and i'm rubbish at keeping on top of logging into sites as soon as i get the email.

    Awesome post as per <3

  6. Wow! UK sure does have a lot of subscription boxes! We don't get as much here in the Philippines, we only have beauty boxes. I'd love to try some of the lifestyle/food and drink ones! Great post :)


  7. I still don't get the point of Graze boxes... they sound great when you read about them but ive never actually wanted to have one delivered x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  8. I love this! I had no idea there were so many boxes
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  9. I am so grateful to you for this post. I am always asking questions about beauty boxes and finally found them all in one place.

    D, x


  10. Souk Souk sounds like it was made for me. :) nice guide :) x

  11. Fab :) I love the You Beauty Discovery box, but alas I haven't tried any of the other beauty boxes yet, I am a fan of graze though. x http://aimeebelle.weebly.com/

  12. Great post Sophia. I have to admit I've never been much of a fan of beauty subcription boxes (would rather just pick £10 worth of products myself) but I was competely unaware of the variation of lifestyle boxes out there!

  13. Fabulous round up of so many boxes ! I love grazebox : Manjiri - http://sliceoffme.wordpress.com/

  14. I have tried a fair few myself
    Many of which can be found on my blog http://bizzimummy.com
    The ones I remember trying are

    Hello fresh
    Saviour snacks
    Glossy box
    Birch box
    Sweet club
    Toucan box
    Weekend box
    Nerd Block
    Choc tasting club

  15. Also Graze which is lovely and Not another bill.
    Plus panties by post which is US based but ship over here.

  16. I think the idea of a subscription box is interesting enough and may be great for some people - but i am just not interested in them myself! i prefer to look for products that I know I will like, or are specific to my needs! some of these do sound good though!

  17. Great list! Will definitely check them out. Have you tried Memebox? They're my favourite at the moment, the boxes are such good value and full of really unusual beauty products. They're from Korea but ship to the UK http://joannemallon.typepad.com/joanne_the_coach/2014/05/return-of-the-memebox-the-hair-and-body-edition-luckybox-3.html

  18. Another one for the food and drink list. Cocktails from TWIST!

    TWIST is a monthly cocktail kit subscription in the UK, offering recipes and ingredients to make 4-5 cocktails and home each month.


  19. Great post, I am sure all the UK ladies will love this post.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  20. Hi Sophia. I work for a company called Cocoa Runners. We offer a subscription service whereby members of our chocolate club receive an assortment of bars of artisan chocolate each month, based around a theme. All our chocolate is sourced from around the world and taste-tested by us. Our chocolate library has over 200 bars! Our website is www.cocoarunners.com, and you can contact us via hello@cocoarunners.com. Would you mind adding us to your list please? Thanks. Izzy

  21. Hi there, please consider adding us to your list - www.taffymail.co.uk

    Taffy Mail is the UK’s only American sweets subscription service that delivers awesome American candy, every month, right to your door!

    Taffy Mail is filled with American goodies, including the most well-known candy such as Hershey’s, Wonka candies, Pop Tarts, Reese’s, Junior Mints, M&Ms, American sodas and much, much more! It has the lot! With every box loaded with a variety of sweets and treats, you’re bound to find something from your past that you miss, or find something entirely new to fall in love with.

    Each month features a diverse selection of candy, so you’ll be sure to receive something different each month your Taffy Mail lands at your door.

  22. Secret 80s Film Club is launching in November... this affordable, fun subscription box service has 2 80s DVDs plus toys, soundtracks, sweets and other goodies that will being back the wonder years...

    you can check it out at www.secret80sfilmclub.org


  23. Hi there,

    We've launched a new subscription box for hot sauce lovers. We find the best hot sauces, jams, chutney and treats from UK growers and manufacturers.


    Warning, not for the faint of heart :-)

  24. Great blog and list Tattooed Tealady. From this month you can add Boxcitement to the list. It’s a monthly box crammed with contemporary stationery, giftware, useful homeware items and jewellery that launched in October. Subscribe or buy one off boxes and gift subscriptions.
    Check out http://www.boxcitement.co.uk - we'd love to know what you think.

  25. Thank you Sophia, this was a very useful and informative blog post, really enjoyed reading it. I was just looking for some healthy snack subscription boxes in the UK to cooperate with for http://www.fitoboost.com Slim Detox Instant tea.

  26. Thank you Sophia, this was a very useful and informative blog post, really enjoyed reading it. I was just looking for some healthy snack subscription boxes in the UK to cooperate with for http://www.fitoboost.com Slim Detox Instant tea.

  27. Subscription services are amazing, a new one i just discovered is http://www.dimraj.com they deliver actual full sized artworks from independent artists framed in 2 different sizes.

    I am subscribed to them and have received some art which i have hanging up on my wall!

    I love subscription services, i also love lootcrate and was signed up to them and birchbox.

  28. Great article Sophia. I didn't realize there were so many.

    I love the concept of your website! I think something like Sentview.com will be extremely beneficial to you. It'd be easier to get reviews for all the products you've mentioned above quickly, efficiently and cheaply. We do all the research on what people are saying about the products. All you'd have to do is post them :)


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