4 September 2012

Introducing Balance Me natural skincare

Balance Me has become one of the brands I reach for the most where natural skincare is concerned. I have tried a few products from Balance Me now and not one has let me down. Each and every product has smelt delicious, been perfect for my skin and has left me with visible differences in my skin and in a massively positive way. Today I will be sharing with you three moisturisers and an eye cream. 

A picture of Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream, Natural Protection Daily Moisturiser SPF18 and Balancing Face Moisturiser

Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser
The Balancing Face Moisturiser is a calming and soothing daily moisturiser which contains nerolie which replenishes and hydrates combination skin, as well as encouraging smooth and balanced skin with ingredients such as anti-oxidant, vitamin and fatty-acid rich meadowfoam, morigina and rice bran oils. This moisturiser is also suitable for normal and dry skin types, so is an all round brilliant moisturiser for anyone with any skin concern. I love using this on days when my skin is having a bit of a tantrum. It calms, soothes, keeps the oil at bay and all whilst leaving my skin feeling soft and supple. 

Balance Me Natural Protection Daily Moisturiser with SPF18
This moisturiser is a must have for any skincare lover. With a natural SPF18 protective layer of goodness, this moisturiser can be used either alone or as an extra layer of protection. It is light, fragrance-free, non-whitening and easily sinks in to the skin. I've loved using this on days where we have been lucky enough to have a little bit of rare British sunshine and it has kept my face protected, whereas before using this moisturiser, even with a good moisturiser, I felt my skin could become a little sore after a sunny day. This is perfect for any skin type and is a must have for anyone who loves to look after their skin!

A picture of Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream, Natural Protection Daily Moisturiser SPF18 and Balancing Face Moisturiser
Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream
As someone with naturally oily combination skin, products which boost moisture are usually products I steer clear of. This particular moisturiser is advertised as one for dry and sensitive skin types. However I have found this actually works well with my oily combination skin! A high performance, deeply hydrating daily moisturiser, this product is formulated with anti-oxidants arctic cloudberry (love the name of that ingredient!!) and a bespoke blend of rose oils which leave the perfect finish to your skin. It sinks in quickly and smoothly and works as a perfect moisturiser for before makeup application.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
I am always on the hunt for the perfect eye cream and Balance Me hasn't let me down. This eye cream is a triple action eye cream. It works to revitalise wear eyes, smooth away dark shadows as well as helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines with it's super hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid, which helps to brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes. My biggest eye-area concerns are awful bags and dark colouration. Has this eye cream helped? Yes! I have noticed a huge difference in the dark colouration under my eyes to the point where after using this for two weeks solid, they are almost unnoticeable! To me, that makes this wonder eye cream a truly remarkable product! 

A picture of Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Balance Me is definitely a brand I would recommend to both friends and family and it is a natural brand I have grown to love and love. All of their products suit my skin and as skincare is extremely important to me, that is great for me! I truly believe that natural and organic products are far better for our skin than those which can contain lots of nasties in them and this brand is one I will reuse and reuse for many years to come. 

There are so many products from Balance Me which I want to try in the future. Such as their body care range and hair care range. And I look forward to exploring Balance Me more!


  1. I love the Balancing Face Moisturiser! Their products are lovely and I'm looking forward to trying more :) xx


  2. I've been using the eye cream but not religiously and I haven't really been impressed. I suppose I need to persevere! Xo

  3. These look great! Gonna have to indulge i think!



  4. I tried the lip balm which came free with Glamour, but didn't really get along with it... I'd like to try the moisturiser though xo

  5. I'm interested in the moisturisers. I love love LOVE my Yon Ka pamplemousse but at £35 it's kindda steep, might look in to the price of these. I've still got loads left in my tube though so I could always save up for my new bottle :P


  6. I really like Balance Me, I first came across it through a beauty box and initially I hated the scent but now I really love it x

  7. I love this brand especially after trying the eye cream which came as a tester


  8. I loved the lipbalm and it made me so curious about this skincare range, i really want to try it!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway :) x

  9. @EilidhPie Definitely use it regularly. I use it morning and night and I've loved it xo

  10. @Katie Walker You should, such an amazing brand and I love their products xo

  11. @Olivia LawI think a lot of people are 50/50 with the Rose Otto lip salve, I love it though! xo

  12. @LinsayI have that but I haven't tried it yet! xo

  13. @EmmaI love the scents of their products, really relaxing and soothing xo

  14. @Fashion GanacheSo glad to hear you are a fan of Balance Me :) xo

  15. @SophieroseheartsYou should! They do mini sizes too which are great for trying them out :) xo


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