Urban Decay Spring 2015 Collection

A picture of the Urban Decay Spring Collection 2015
With winter finally starting to ebb away and the first touches of spring starting, the spring beauty releases are coming out in force. I love spring collections; they're the perfect in-between of bold, warm shades we turn to in winter, with a hint of the lighter, bright shades we all love in summer. Most season collections are full to the brim with gorgeous products, the majority of which are usually limited edition and sell-out in a flash, often leaving loyal customers scrambling to get their hands on their favourite products from the collection before they're gone for good. This spring Urban Decay have stepped up their collection-game, with a stunning array of new product launches - that are all permanent additions to the Urban Decay range! 

Fabulous February Advertisers

The countdown to March is here, but before February disappears for another year, it's time to introduce you to my fabulous February advertisers! Covering gorgeous blogs and a skincare specialist, I hope you enjoy getting to know the lovely bloggers and experts behind my advertisers this month - you never know, you might even find a new favourite blog read!


Finished Reading | February 2015

A picture of the best books of February 2015
At the beginning of February I set myself a target of reading three books, which I shared in my post 'Reading in February'. Little did I know I would get completely swept up in the reading-bug this month, and I found it impossible to stop reading, finishing a total of 7 books - and I'm already half-way through another! Here's my thoughts on the books I finished this month.


This Month's Favourites | February 2015

A picture of the best beauty products of February 2015
With another month almost over, it's time to get stuck into the products which stood out for me the most this February.


The Cheek Brushes

A picture of blush, contour and bronzer brushes
I own a lot of makeup brushes. I find makeup brushes pretty hard to resist; I'm not one for using my fingers when it comes to applying makeup, so brushes are a pretty big must-have in my routine. When I was younger I had but a handful of makeup brushes, in the days when I didn't even know yet alone appreciate the importance of keeping brushes clean and washed regularly, hand-me-downs from my mum's brush collection. Over the past three years or so I've slowly built up quite the collection, forever adding more to my stash. For me, a good makeup brush is just as - if not more - important as good makeup; for me, without a good brush it doesn't matter how expensive my makeup might be, if you don't apply it with the right tools, it'll never look how I want it to.


The Empties #3

A picture of beauty products
It's been a while since I last shared an empties post, but I'm getting through products pretty darn quickly recently, so I thought it was about time to share my thoughts on the products I've finished recently!

Psych Bites | What is anxiety?

Of all the most commonly known psychological disorders, anxiety is the one I see people making judgemental comments about the most, even more so than depression which has been more in the public eye over the years. It's no secret that over the past few years anxiety on a whole has become a much more talked about topic, with not just those with anxiety sharing their experiences more openly and online, but celebrities reaching out to share their own experiences with anxiety, too. Not a day goes by when I don't see a tweet, status or even news report that somehow relates to anxiety - and with that comes more and more increasingly frustrating responses from those who chose to ridicule anxiety and it's sufferers. I don't know about you, but I for one am pretty tired of the judgemental comments I see when someone is open about their anxiety. Self-assured comments that of course so and so is only saying they have anxiety for attention, and didn't you know, everyone has anxiety nowadays?