A picture of The Happiness Project
August flew by, and the first month of The Happiness Project is done and dusted. For those of you new to The Happiness Project, you can find out more here in my Month One post. For those of you who read all about the project, and why I want to make a year long commitment to complete it, you'll remember I set myself 4 goals for August. Here's how I did on each...

Probably the easiest of all goals I set myself for month one, I have officially fallen back in love with blogging! I actually have a post in the pipeline all about rekindling my love for blogging, so make sure you look out for that! I won't say too much now, but I have definitely got my blogging mojo back!

This is one that I kinda accomplished, but not for the full month. I wanted to add exercise into my routine, twice a week. For the first couple of weeks, I made sure to go out for a walk or doing my Ministry of Sound Pump It Up Dance Workout DVD (see here), so I was getting that exercise in twice a week. But in the middle of August I had my thigh tattoo finished, so I've not been able to exercise since, whilst it's still healing. That's the beauty of The Happiness Project, though - as I add new targets and goals each month, I'll also be keeping up with the previous months goals, too, so I'll be back at the exercise this month.

Another fairly easy one. I'd be lying if I said every single day no matter what, I made sure the house was tidy before bed. Some days I was just too darn tired. But most days, it was, and I woke up the next day feeling much better knowing I didn't have a house to tidy when I woke up! It's amazing how much that can make your mood happier and brighter! 

The one goal I set for month one, that I really wasn't sure I'd keep, but I did! I've really been trying hard with Weight Watchers and staying on track, and I've tracked every single day!

So now you know how I did for month one, what about month two? 

For my month two goals, I'll still be aiming to keep achieving all of my month one goals. The goals I set for month two will be added on top of the goals I'm already making sure to complete daily (like stay on track with Weight Watchers, stay tidy and organised, fall back in love with blogging), as well as weekly (like exercising twice a week), but there's a few other things I'd like to accomplish in month two for The Happiness Project.

This is a bit of a cheat goal, as I try to ensure I'm drinking enough water everyday already, but sometimes it's easy to forget. Keeping my body hydrated and drinking the minimum recommended amount everyday makes such a huge difference, to my skin (which looks clearer, brighter and more youthful), my mind (which is clearer and less tired), and my body (we've got to treat our bodies right from the inside out!). On the days I slip up and forget to drink my water, I can be left feeling tired, muggy, and it's much easier for me to get headaches and migraines. My skin also shows the signs of dehydration pretty quickly. Goal one of month two is to drink two litres, everyday, no matter what!

Since I finished University, I've had a lot more time to read, and read for pleasure opposed to text books and journal articles. Although I've been making more time to read, I want to get back to how I used to be before University, where I would read every single day at least once, usually before bed. I'm starting to be a proper adult, who goes to bed at a reasonable time instead of staying up with all the night owls until the early hours of the morning, so reading each night before bed is perfect. Really hope I meet this goal, as I do love a good book! (I'm currently reading Gone Girl, but if you have any recommendations, let me know!)

This is an overall goal, but mostly for two things. I want to continue planning ahead all of my meals for Weight Watchers, which I started to do quite religiously over the last week of August. Life is so much easier for us when we know what we're having everyday and it stops me a) dithering about for hours, "But do you fancy this instead?", and b) (and most importantly), it stops us ordering unplanned takeaways, which happens way too often! I also want to plan ahead for the rest of this year, because, let's face it, no matter how many of us don't want to think about it yet, there's only 113 days/16 weeks until Christmas. Girl needs to get planning!

So those are my three goals for month two of The Happiness Project, what do you think? If you've started your own journey on a happiness project, I'd love to hear how you're doing, and if you bought The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (£7.99) after reading my Month One post, then let me know what you think to it - I'd love to know if you found it as inspiring as I did! 

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A picture of Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Humile Gourmande Ultra-Nourishing Oil

A picture of Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil

A picture of Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm

A picture of the Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner
When it came to deciding August's stand-out products, there was no contest. I knew exactly which products I wanted to share with you all, turning to the same products every day. 

My skin is so happy lately, I've stopped switching products constantly and I've stuck to using the same products morning and night, for a good 4 weeks now. My complexion is clear, my skin smooth and I have a healthy, radiant glow. The skincare products which have stood out the most for me are the Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil* (50ml, £29.50), Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner (250ml, £7.50) and Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream (14g, £25.50). 

The Natural Glow Cleansing Oil has become one of my favourite products to reach for in the evenings, working to effortlessly dissolve makeup, leaving my skin clear and radiant. The scent is very aromatherapy-like, infused with Cypress, which is a natural astringent, Bitter Orange, a natural treatment for acne, Tea tree, which purifies the skin, Lavender, which works to calm irritation, Lemon, which brightens tired skin and Caster Seed, which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Four pumps does the job, massaging my skin for a good minute or so, before rinsing off with warm water and a muslin cloth. I can't get enough of this stuff, easily one of the best cleansing oils I've ever used! 

I've shared my love for the Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner before (see here), a toner which has massively helped in keeping my skin happy. One of the most kind-to-skin toners I've ever used, it combines Orange Flower Water, Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica Extract, to create a light, subtly scented toner that refreshes and brightens my complexion. 

Benefit has really surprised me with their skincare range and there's a lot of products I really love. It wasn't so long ago I shared my love for the Benefit Remove It Oil-Free Makeup Remover (see here), and it's another eye product from their range which has left me smitten over the past month. It's Potent! Eye Cream instantly hydrates my under eye area, smoothing fine lines, working to diminish dark circles and overall, helps to keep the delicate skin refreshed, plump and youthful. My everyday morning eye cream!

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Derby to get my thigh tattoo finished (see here), which means I've had to be super careful what products I put on the area, as tattoos are essentially giant open wounds as they heal. Thankfully, my tattoo has healed beautifully and that's entirely down to Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm (1oz, £14.90). With some pretty hard-working skin-loving ingredients like Organic Mango Seed Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, just to name a few, it has a firm balm consistency which I massage between my hands, before applying as an oil to my tattoo. It helps heal my tattoos quickly, safely, and leaves my skin far less irritated and sore. You can check out my full review of the Tattoo Balm alongside the Rocco's Old School Antiseptic Wash, here.

My tattoo might need some extra loving care, but the rest of my body has enjoyed some serious pampering with the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Huile Gourmande Ultra-Nourishing Oil* (100ml, £22.05). With the most incredible scent, this light-weight body oil uses 96% natural oil with a blend of Grape, Pomegranate, Blackcurrant, Fig Pulp, Fig Milk, Apricot and Sweet Almond Oils, alongside Omega 6 and antioxidant Vitamins A and E, leaving my skin beautifully scented and effortlessly soft and hydrated after every use. It's easily the most beautiful body oil I've ever tried, and after using it for weeks, I've hardly made a dent - this is one of those lovely products that is set to last a long time! 

I recently shared my very first Jo Malone purchase (see here), and ever since I have just been so smitten with the beautifully scented Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber Colonge (30ml, £40). Combining Bergamot, Cucumber, Beeswax, Vanilla and Musk, it's the perfect everyday scent. 

Makeup days have been few and far between through August, with most days being makeup-free, but there's two products which have stood out as my favourites.

It's no secret I adore the Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids range (see here), and recently I just can't get enough of 902 Fuchsia Flash (£7.19), a super-bright pink with blue undertones that has a hint of purple. It's perfect for a statement lip, and the formula is akin to many of my high-end favourites. 

For bases, there's been one foundation I simply cannot stop using, I'm completely and utterly head over heels for the Antipodes Mineral Foundation (6.5g, £23.79), which I recently shared a review of alongside another favourite mineral base (see here). I just love the way this mineral base makes my skin look; it leaves the most flattering, natural, utterly flawless finish, with a true to skin colour and the best longevity I've ever found in a foundation - I've never once had to powder whilst wearing this base, and for me, that's pretty darn good! 

August was the month where my usual hair care favourites were forgotten about, after being obsessed with two products which do everything I need. The Cloud Nine Magical Duet Set* (£16.90) contains two products, covering you from start to finish of your styling routine. The Cloud Nine Quick Dry Potion offers extreme heat protection properties, and massively helps to cut down drying time. A product which can be used on both dry or wet hair, it's a bi-phase product which requires a good shake before use. With a delicious light, fresh and fruity scent, I spritz throughout my mid-lengths to ends before blow-drying, and it cuts down blow-drying time by half! I've tried good quick-dry products before, but this is something else! 

The second product in the duet set is brand new to Cloud Nine, and available exclusively within the Magical Duet Set, the Cloud Nine Magical Remedy. A leave-in conditioning treatment, it works to reduce split ends, prevent breakage, and keep your hair beautifully soft and smooth with a healthy shine. It also works wonders on wet hair for reducing those tangles when brushing. Taking a 5p size amount, I evenly distribute from mid-lengths to ends, and my hair has never been happier. Smitten.

What products stood out the most for you through August? Are any of my favourites your favourites too? If you've shared your August favourites, I'd love to have a read, so make sure to leave a link below! 

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The summer has absolutely flown by, August has been and gone and we're heading into September. I'll let you into a secret, September is my favourite! It means we're heading into Autumn, my favourite season for all the beautiful, warming colours, crisp autumn leaves and of course, Halloween! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, because before August really disappears for another year, it's time to share the wonderful blogs I've had the pleasure of showcasing on Tattooed Tealady this month, my wonderful August sponsors!

If you've had a browse of my sidebar this August, you'll have noticed a whole host of gorgeous and enticing blog buttons for each of the wonderful blogs advertising with me this month. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me share some of my favourite posts from each, too. But now it's time for my lovely Sponsors to introduce themselves!

Exclusive Darjeeling Sponsor
Dippy Writes
My exclusive Darjeeling Sponsor for August has been the lovely Dippy Writes!
Here's what Albertine has to say about Dippy Writes, "Heya everyone, I'm Albertine and I blog over at DippyWrites where I post about a whole host of things, including fashion ,beauty and all things student-related!  I also make YouTube videos and weekly vlogs (including clips of my family being...weird) so make sure you check those out for a good laugh too."
My favourite post from Dippy Writes this August has been the 'NYX Caviar and Bubble Palette', which has definitely made it's way onto my wishlist! 

Lady Grey Sponsors
The Human Mannequin is a beauty, plus-size fashion and lifestyle blog. 
Here's what Sally has to say about The Human Mannequin, "The Human Mannequin is written by Sally, a lover of plus size fashion, all things girly and a gallivant in the sunshine. The Human Mannequin is primarily a plus size fashion blog designed to offer outfit inspiration for women of a curvier nature as well as a few lifestyle and beauty posts". 
My favourite post from The Human Mannequin has been the 'MAC Haul'.

Everybeauty Talks is a beauty blog written by Australian beauty blogger and beauty therapist, Kristen. Kristen is moving to the UK all the way from Australia, so make sure you give her a big UK welcome!
Here's what Kristen has to say about Everybeauty Talks, "I'm Kristen, a BeautyTherapist and the founder of Everybeauty Talks. I am a lover of all things beauty who is currently situated in Australia, but by the end of August you will find me living in the UK!". 
My favourite post from Everybeauty Talks has been the 'NAT.FACE Rebalance Treatment Scrub' review!

BurningBlonde is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.
Here's what Angelica has to say about BurningBlonde, "Burningblonde is my little place where I can talk about my favourite beauty products, share my thoughts. As my mum or friends never been into make-up, I just wanted my little place, where I could talk about it.". 
My favourite post from BurningBlonde has been the 'Wardrobe Tips and Tricks'.

The Agoraphobic Fashionista is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.
Here's what Sera has to say about The Agoraphobic Fashionista, "The Agoraphobic Fashionista is an escape and has grown into a community of sorts. Created as somewhere Sera could get lost in. From pretty dresses to fashion styles that don't work, beauty buys & beauty fails to discussing the taboos of mental health challenges such as Agoraphobia. A blog about a life spent indoors.".
My favourite post from The Agoraphobic Fashionista has been 'Breaking The Stigma | Mental Health'.

A Scottish Lass is a beauty and lifestyle blog.
Here's what Laura has to say about A Scottish Lass, "Laura, coffee drinking, lipstick loving, mother of two, wife of one.  A Scottish Beauty & Lifestyle blogger from North East Scotland.  
Holy Grails - Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, Clarins Flash Balm, Touche Eclat Foundation.  Favourite Food - Macaroni.  Celebrity Crush - Bradley Cooper :)".
My favourite post from A Scottish Lass has been the 'Weekend Favourites + Lisa Eldridge Inspired Smokey Eye'.

The Kats Paws is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.
Here's what Kathryn and Emily have to say about The Kats Paws, "The Kats Paws is run by Kathryn Watson and Emily Pawson, two girls with a love for shopping. We love trying out and reviewing beauty, lifestyle and fashion products and sharing our thoughts with you all. Love and Sunshine, Kathryn and Emily xxx".
My favourite post from The Kats Paws has been the 'Katie Alice Afternoon Tea Set'.

Earl Grey Sponsors

Thanks so much to my wonderful August Sponsors for brightening up my sidebar and creating such fabulous content this month!

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Hands up if you find it impossible to resist buying little nic-nacs for the home? It seems I spend more time buying 'little bits and bobs' than anything else lately, and today I'm going to share my latest home and miscellaneous buys!

I find it impossible to resist candles, even when I already have a drawer full. I light candles every single day, so I'm always adding new scents to my collection. I'm quite the creature of habit, though, and often I'll go for the same favourites scents from the same favourite brands, but this time I opted to try some different scents. 

I picked up a Yankee Candle Wild Fig Small Jar Candle (£7.99), which is a scent I never knew Yankee Candle had. It's no secret I'm addicted to fig scents, and this one is another one to add to the 'lovely' list. Another small candle to add to my stash is the Yankee Candle Pineapple Cilantro Small Jar Candle (£7.99), which is fruitier than the usual scents I go for, with fresh island Pineapple, a citrus touch of Cilantro and sweet Coconut, and it's quite frankly mouthwatering good. 

It's been a while since I treated myself to a Rituals candle, and I've only ever tried the Rituals Tea Time Green Tea Candle (£19.50), which is easily one of my favourite ever candle scents (see review here), but this time I decided to try a scent I've had my eye on for quite a while. This time I opted for the Rituals Under a Fig Tree Candle (£19.50), presented in a deep, black glass pot, which is oh my gosh heavenly. Whereas the Yankee Candle Wild Fig scent is warming and deep, perfect for the autumn months ahead, Rituals offering is far more natural, the true scent of freshly ripened figs and the scent of fig leaves. This one is going to be perfect for pampering, and I love the way Rituals candles have inspiring quotes embossed on the glass, which is only visible when the candle is lit, making each use truly magical. 

OK, I promise I'm almost done with the candle obsession! Last but not least, a little trio of candles I snapped up in the House of Fraser Sale, I picked up the Linea Limited Edition Set of 3 Votives (£3.60), which is unfortunately sold out now! The three scents inside are stunning, and ones I plan to dot around our living room;  Passionfruit & Acai, Pink Grapefruit & Mango, and Coconut & Marula. Coconut & Marula is definitely my favourite of the three, but they all smell delicious, and at a bargain price!

I'm such a sucker for buying new bedding, and I know Autumn is on it's way so I should probably be buying more winter themed bedding, but I just could not resist the beautiful, bright, eye-catching Catherine Lansfield Canterbury King Duvet Set (£19.98), which is a bit of a bargain for a King set. I love it, it really brightens up our room! 

I have been after some glass mugs for a long, long time now. I mainly want to use them for my flavour teas and instant hot teas, but nowhere near where we live, sells them. I managed to find some on the House of Fraser website that were perfect for what I wanted, ordering the Linea Set of 2 Caffe Latte Mug (£12). A bit pricer than I would have liked - but I finally have my glass mugs! 

A pack of 24 assorted colours Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Pens (£9.99) might not seem like a home essential, and at the time I had no use for them when I bought them (they're just so pretty!), but they've actually come in super-handy. I also love the bright, cheerful colours, and the pastels are way too adorable. Yes, I just called permanent markers adorable.  

I have more notebooks and journals than I can get through, but I'm a stationary obsessive and I couldn't help adding the adorable and beautifully decorated Believe in Yourself Journal (£8.18) which is lined, with a magnetic close, and gorgeous floral designs. I've been using this as my work diary, and it's helping to keep me organised and on top of everything!

The last few bits definitely fall in the 'miscellaneous' bag. I upgraded my simple point and shoot camera to the Canon 600d back in April, and I wanted to get some handy bits and bobs for it. Starting with the one thing I forgot to photograph, I picked up a SanDisk Ultra 32GB Memory Card (£14.91). The memory card I have is fine, but I'm considering finally branching over to YouTube so I needed something that would be able to hold a lot more than my humble 8GB. I shopped around, and Amazon definitely seemed to have the cheapest deals.

I also picked up a Set of 3 Canon Polarising Filters with Case (£7.19), which contains a UV filter (protects your lens from dust, dirt, scratches and reduces glare), CPL filter (removes glare from non-metallic surfaces, i.e. windows and water), and a FLD filter (removes harsh green or blue cast caused by fluorescent light).

My best camera related buy was 100% the Sodial 3 in 1 Lens Cleansing Pen Dust Cleaner Kit (£1.60), which is amazing! I could even go as far as to say, one of the best things I've ever bought in my life. Yes, I'm still talking about a dust cleaning pen here - it's brilliant! There's a retractable soft brush which works perfectly to remove dust, whilst the camera lens cleaner makes my lens, and view-finder, look sparkling and brand new.

The final thing I picked up was another print to add to my ever growing collection, a stunning Harry Potter themed Snape Always Print by Vicky Morgan (£30) which I am just smitten with. I recently shared a post on some Disney Villains Prints I have from Vicky (see here), where you can find out more about her work!

Have you bought anything lately to make your house a home? Any new candle scents, or even brands, you think I should try out? Let me know!

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*All artwork is copyright of Vicky Morgan, Ghost House, Derby. 



I love locking myself away in the bathroom for a pamper, and there's some essentials in our bathroom that I am really enjoying right now. I'm a firm believer in making everything as pampering as possible, whether that's my morning/evening skincare routine, keeping my skin soft and smooth with a trusty body scrub, or giving my hair some much needed TLC. These are my bathroom essentials, the pampering must-haves.

As well as weekly at-home manicures, I also ensure to keep my hands soft and smooth with a simple three step routine, twice a weekly. Starting with our favourite Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Wash (250ml, £16.20) which has the most perfect happy-memories inducing scent of fresh, sweet with a touch of bitter rhubarb. Leaving my hands clean and smelling lovely, it's time to give my hands a bit of TLC. 

We use our hands for everything, and for me, I find my hands can often feel dry and rough. A twice-weekly exfoliation works wonders and I'm currently using the blogger-favourite Rituals Miracle Scrub Hand Scrub (75ml, £11.50) with Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. It's a really lovely scrub that leaves my hands feeling beautifully smooth, but I'm in two minds as to whether it's softening enough for me yet. The scent is delicious and I love the luxuriously thick consistency. I massage each hand with a 5p sized amount of product, for around 60 seconds before washing off (with more of the lovely Rhubarb Rhubarb! hand wash!). 

The final pampering hands step is simple; layering up those beautiful fragrances with the skin softening and hydrating Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Lotion* (250ml, £18). With the same beautiful scent as the hand wash, both my partner and I are really smitten with the Rhubarb Rhubarb! scent range. With base notes of Moss and Cedarwood, heart notes of Rosemary and Tarragon alongside top notes of Rhubarb and Juniper Berry, it leaves my skin smelling good enough to eat! 

I have a pretty set routine when it comes to my body care. Most days it's a simple wash body and hair routine, but on alternate days I use some of my favourite products and give myself a good old pamper. Enveloping myself in the heavenly scent of & Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Wash (350ml, £5), a scent which beautifully intensifies under the hot steam of a shower, I love the way it lathers and leaves my skin super clean. 

Next up, a good old scrub with my current favourite, The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub (200ml, £12.50), which smells crazy delicious. Exfoliation for me isn't just important for having softer, smoother skin, but it also works well to keep my tattoos in good condition and looking they're best. Almost like raspberry jam in texture, it's the perfect everyday scrub which leaves my skin smooth as anything. Containing Raspberry Extract, it works to exfoliate skin removing dead skin cells, stimulating micro-circulation and leaving your skin heavenly soft and smooth (which it definitely does!).

I am absolutely smitten with Concoction hair care right now, with products that are fast becoming my favourite ever for keeping my hair in tip-top condition. A hair care brand to really get excited about, Concoction create their products with a mix of science, beauty and a helping of creative alchemy, with products that let customers select the best product and treatments for their hair and needs. I have a full, in-depth review coming over the next week, so be sure to keep an eye out. For now, I'll tell you that the the Concoction Shampyou Black Pepper + Citrus* (250ml, £24), enriched with Vetiver, Ginger and Lemon Essential Oils leaves my hair feeling cleansed, healthy and strong, whilst the Cocoction Conditioner Cashmere + White Lily* (250ml, £16), enriched with natural essential oils of Orange, Patchouli and Lemongrass, leaves my hair feeling softer and smoother than any other standard conditioner, I've ever tried before. Plus, they smell amazing!

On those days where I want a little more TLC for my hair, my most reached for conditioning treatment is the Bleach Reincarnation Mask (200ml, £6). Popping a generous helping throughout my hair, I leave on for 10-15 minutes and let the conditioning, smoothing and repairing ingredients of Sunflower Seed Extract and Micro-Wheat Proteins do their work! With the most heavenly scent, my hair is always left feeling just as smooth, strong and happy as it does when I use my high-end favourites such as the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask (see here), at a fraction of the price! 

What are your bathroom essentials? 

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