20 October 2016

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Review + Giveaway

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Review

Matte eyeshadows, a staple in any beauty collection, perfect for experimenting with colour whilst still creating subtle and everyday wearable looks. I find matte shadows quite hard to come by on the highstreet, but one brand who has really stolen the beauty crown when it comes to matte eyeshadows is Urban Decay.

With the Naked range from Urban Decay being one of the most highly coveted in the world, the range is continuing to expand and over recent years, has created palettes focused on beautiful matte eyeshadows that any beauty addict would find hard to resist. The latest Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette is a gorgeous display of matte shadows, and my favourite Naked Basics palette yet.


18 October 2016

October Birchbox UK Review

October Birchbox UK Review

October is in full swing and Birchbox subscribers are receiving their beauty boxes nationwide. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with subscription boxes in 2016, but the October box has impressed me so much in both design and products included, that I just had to share my box with you all.

For October Birchbox have teamed up with world renowned Astrologist, Susan Miller, incorporating subscriber star signs with beautifully designed boxes. There are four different box designs on offer this month, each corresponding to your own personal star sign with the most beautiful display of starry skies each with a different colour theme.

16 October 2016

Lush Halloween Collection Favourites

Lush Halloween Collection Review

When the summer has given us our last hot day and autumn is starting to creep in, there's one brand who is on everyone's mind when it comes to autumn/winter beauty releases. The Lush Halloween and Christmas collection is always filled with intoxicating scents and eye-catching designs, great for those cold autumn nights when all you want at the end of a long day is a hot bubble bath. 

The Halloween Collection is more modest than the Christmas Collection, featuring 16 limited edition products and fun for all ages, the collection features your traditional Halloween themes; pumpkins, ghosts, autumn leaves, monsters and magic. Here are my favourite products from the 2016 collection, including some exciting new products as well as a few favourites which have come back for another year.

12 October 2016

Caudalie Face Masks Review

Caudalie Face Masks Review

I've always been a sucker for a good face mask and having used every last drop of four Caudalie offerings, it's safe to say I've been left pretty smitten with these targeted face masks. There's four on offer, each specifically formulated to deal with specific skin concerns, and each an absolute joy to use. If you're on the hunt for a mask which pampers and treats all in one, Caudalie may just be the brand you're looking for.


9 October 2016

Planning a Family Holiday

Planning a Family Holiday to Mauritius
The last time I went on holiday was 2005. I had just turned 17 and my dad and I spent a month in Cyprus; the country where my family are from. Lots of sight-seeing, lots of relaxing and most importantly, lots of time with family who live over there.

In the 11 years since I have definitely daydreamed over summer holidays in faraway places, but one thing or another has always got in the way. Now that we have Willow, we have started to plan a holiday for next year, somewhere we can visit as a family. We want to show Willow as much of the world as possible and family holidays abroad will be the perfect opportunity to introduce her to other cultures, explore beautiful places and of course, make special memories together as a family.

6 October 2016

Baby Halloween Costumes

October 31st will mark Willow's very first Halloween. I adore Halloween, ever since I was a little girl I have loved the excitement in the run up to the last day of October and I've always enjoyed that buzz you get when the day finally arrives. I've been looking forward to this Halloween even more than previous years, because it's something I am hoping Willow will love as much as me.

26 September 2016

8 Months Bolder

Over the past month I have watched my little baby gain so much independence and confidence in the world around her. It’s like she has suddenly blossomed into this more excitable, on-the-move, inquisitive little adventurer. With September being my last full month of maternity leave, returning to work in October, I’ve made sure to do the last few things I wanted us to do as a family before the summer finally finished.

20 September 2016

Plastic Free with Lush Shampoo Bars

Lush Shampoo Bars Review
It's been a while since I was loyal to any particular hair products, but in-between trialling new products for review, there's one brand that keeps me coming back for more. There are some beauty products which when formulated as a solid product, don't really hit the spot. One type of solid product I can't get enough off is the impressive range of Lush Shampoo Bars. I am completely converted; you need to add these to your must-try list.
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