11 July 2016

5 Unique Gifts for Newborns

5 Unique Gifts for Newborns
Although any gift is always appreciated when you have a baby, it's very easy for you to end up with outfit after outfit or must-have essentials that you'd already thought of and stocked up on. We ended up with so many newborn and 0 - 3 months outfits that some were completely wasted, only being worn once to say 'Look, she wore it, thanks!' then never worn again. 

Here's my top 5 picks for more unique and personal gifts you can give a newborn, from keepsakes they can look back on in years to come to personalised gifts for their nursery. 

8 July 2016

Ed's Easy Diner, Nottingham

Ed's Easy Diner Giant Pancakes Review

I've always had a fascination with 1950's America, loving the idea of kitsch diners, pastel hues and flared out dresses. The idea of rolling up in a bubblegum pink Cadillac with a wrap-bow in my hair and a jukebox playing as booths fill up with guys and gals dressed to impress, I just love it.

Almost 60 years later American diners are still hugely popular and many franchises have gained huge followings of devoted customers who make regular visits just to get their nostalgic kick, whilst devouring classic American diner food.


4 July 2016

Mama-Made Monday's | The Milk Collective

The Milk Collective Milk Bottle Rattles

Another Monday has rolled around and I have another amazing Mama-Made brand to share with you all, and this one is a personal favourite. I first came across The Milk Collective when browsing Instagram for brands who made toys, clothing and nursery decor that fitted the style and theme I wanted for Willow. I came across these beautiful milk bottle rattles and instantly fell in love, ordering one for Willow when I was pregnant. 

It's time to hand over the spotlight to Jazmin, to let her tell you all about her wonderful and unique brand, The Milk Collective. 

3 July 2016

Find Your Vice with Urban Decay

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Review
One brand that never fails to deliver when it comes to bold shades, incredible formulas and amazing colour pay-off is Urban Decay. One of the most loved makeup brands worldwide, they're most well known for their eyeshadow palettes and Naked range which has become a cult must-have among makeup adorers. 

Over the past couple of years Urban Decay have put a lot of focus on expanding their lip product range, reinventing their Revolution lipsticks and creating shades and finishes which rival both high-street and high-end brands, even knocking a few premium brands off of the top spot. The most recent Vice collection, fronted by Ruby Rose, is the biggest lipstick launch yet.


2 July 2016

Authentic Mexican Food at Plan Burrito, Loughborough

Plan Burrito Loughborough Review

A big foodie, I love finding hidden gems, even more so when they are local and budget-friendly. Plan Burrito, situated on Ashby Road, Loughborough, is a small but fun venue that is passionate about providing authentic Tex-Mex food with a simple menu and tons of flavour. Given the opportunity to visit Plan Burrito for myself this week, I popped along to see what the menu had to offer.


29 June 2016

Sleeping in Luxury

Dunelm Elements Grey Stripe Duvet Cover Set Review
I don't think I'm alone in saying that sleep is one of the things you miss the most when you have a baby. Although Willow sleeps fantastically and has had a full 12 hours a night since she was 6 weeks old, looking after a baby is still tiring and throughout the day I find myself getting more and more excited for bedtime.

Before Willow was born we had a really rubbish set up bed wise. We were using a very old third hand king size bed, the mattress was all but tatters and the only thing saving our backs was a mattress topper. Trying to get comfortable whilst pregnant is difficult enough, but when you add a bed that is well overdue it's retirement into the mix, it can make getting any decent sleep a nightmare. 

When Willow arrived my partner and I decided we needed to make the change and invest in a new bed, especially as we often bed-share as well as co-sleep; we needed a bed that was safe, rather than falling to pieces, and a set up that was comfortable, cosy and most importantly, not destroying our backs.

27 June 2016

Mama-Made Monday's | Woody and Florence

Two weeks into my new weekly series - Mama-Made Monday's - and so far I've shared an amazing community, Punky Moms, as well as my top unique gifts for new mamas. Today I'm handing over the spotlight to Chloe, a hard-working mama who runs her own online business covering everything from inspiring prints, beautiful jewellery and the original beaded mama bracelet; Woody and Florence

26 June 2016

The Quickest Five Months

The past five months have gone by so quickly, I can barely remember what it felt like to be pregnant. Today Willow is five months old and it feels like she is growing up quicker than my heart can handle. My tiny newborn who was so vulnerable and reliant on me every second of the day, is now an independent baby girl whose personality has really started to shine through.
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