The Mineral Bases

A picture of Inika Mineral Foundation Powder

A picture of Antipodes Mineral Foundation
If I want a truly natural, flawless finish, mineral bases are the way to go. There's something about mineral makeup which just works better than any other formula, leaving my skin looking clear, smooth, healthy and glowing. As someone with oily skin, mineral bases are also an absolute beauty at keeping my oily skin at bay, more than any other liquid, cream or stick base in my stash. I have a lot of love for mineral bases, but there's two which definitely stand out from the crowd.

One of my favourite brands for mineral products, the Inika Mineral Foundation Powder (8g, £27.50) has been my favourite mineral base for a good couple of years now. I'm on to my second pot, and I always stick with the same shade, Patience, a warm beige for medium skin tones. There's 9 shades available in the range, and Inika have made choosing the right shade easy-peasy with their handy complexion guide. Not just any mineral base, the Mineral Foundation Powder has won awards for it's ability to act as a concealer, foundation and powder all in one, with pure ingredients and SPF15. What I adore about this base, is that you can apply in two ways for two different types of coverage. 

For a light-medium coverage, using my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki (£15.95), I apply in light, downward strokes, but for a heavier coverage, buffing in with circular motions works perfectly. I usually opt for the heavier coverage, but both leave my skin looking fabulous (if I do say so myself!), the finish is just perfect making my skin look radiant and healthy, whilst still working well with any products I put on top. I can easily get through almost a full day before needing to powder, and even then just a light dusting is enough as the mineral base works well to keep any unwanted shine and oil at bay.

A new base to join my beauty stash is the Antipodes Mineral Foundation* (6.5g, £27.99, currently on sale for £23.79), a new product from one of my favourite brands, which has far surpassed my expectations. I'll be honest, I never thought another mineral base would beat my long-time Inika favourite, but Antipodes have seriously outdone themselves with this one. Working to provide great coverage with a flawless finish that gives the appearance of soft and dewy second skin, I think I might be obsessed. 

A hydrating, skin-perfect base, the Antipodes Mineral Foundation has a natural SPF15 and features revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Performance Plus®; helping to reduce facial flushing, with earth minerals that work to balance oil production, whilst rescuing blemished skin. It's lightweight, it has an amazingly natural, second-skin finish and it can easily be built up like the Inika offering, for a light-medium, or slightly heavier coverage. The best thing about this mineral base? I never have to powder. Honestly, not once. I don't finish my makeup off with a powder once everything's applied, I don't sneak some powder on to my t-zone at lunchtime, I don't even reach for powder when it's been on for 12 hours straight. It's amazing! No shine, no oil, no need to add more products to my face, I've never tried anything like it. There's one word to describe the Antipodes Mineral Foundation - extraordinary.

If adding a range of four mineral bases wasn't enough, Antipodes have also created the Antipodes Kabuki Brush* (£16.99, currently on sale for £14.44), created specifically for use with the mineral foundation. Using soft, natural hairs, it's lovely teamed with the mineral base and works effortlessly to create a flawless finish. 

My two mineral base loves, I couldn't recommend either enough. Do you use mineral bases? Do you have any favourite brands you think I should check out? Let me know! 

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NEOM SALE: 50% off


It's no secret I am a big fan of NEOM Organics. I love everything from their home candles, to their reed diffusers and their body care is easily some of the most exquisite I have ever used. A truly luxurious brand with strong ethics and the highest quality ingredients, NEOM has become quite the household name for us. I have a NEOM candle burning every single day, my bathroom is currently home to some of the most sensuous scents you ever did find, and I am always recommending them to everyone I can (which is easy, when people instantly oohhh and ahhh, wanting to know where the incredible scents are from).

My favourite product from NEOM, is definitely the home candle range. I've tried almost all scents now, in the cosy little 1-wick travel candles, to the bigger, warming and soothing 3-wick candles. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best candles you could ever try. Each contains a blend of 100% natural vegetable wax and essential oils, burning for up to 55 hours (for the 3-wick candles), enveloping both you and your home with a complete aroma-therapeutic treatment experience. Each scent has it's own treatment, but all work to ease, soothe and calm the mind. There's no synthetic scents, no toxins or dreadful black smoke when you decide to blow your candle out - and the wax burns clear. Presented in beautiful round glass pots (which double up as perfect storage pots), nothing compares.

Brummells of London are currently hosting a 50% off of NEOM sale, prices too good to resist that I just had to share with you all! I know a lot of my readers have been eager to try NEOM for themselves, but the price has stopped a few. This is the perfect way to try NEOM for yourself, at the bargain price of 50% off! There's three scents available in the sale, ranging from £7.50 - £21. Invigorate is one of my favourite scents from NEOM for body care, so I am sure the candle will smell phenomenal! An uplifting and zesty blend, Invigorate promotes positivity with Bergamot's antiseptic and healing properties, mood-boosting Grapefruit and a citrus zing of Lime. Sensuous is a more exotic blend with a treatment to help ease anxiety and stress, with the warmth and headiness of Ylang Ylang teamed with the muskiness of Frankincense and Patchouli. Comforting combines Cedarwood, Vetiver and Star Anise to create a deep, woody, velvety rich fragrance, with hints of orange and liquorice.

You can check out the full 50% off NEOM sale here.

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A picture of Ministry of Sound Pump it Up Hi-Energy Dance Workout DVD
Whenever PE lessons came around at school, I was definitely one of those girls who tried to come up with any excuse possible, so that I didn't have to take part. A headache, my asthma was giving me troubles or when I was out of ideas, TOTM. It wasn't that I didn't like taking part and being active. Quite simply, I was scared.

When you're a big kid, you get used to taunts and name calling. But when you're one of the few bigger kids in your year, especially one of the few bigger girls, the idea of doing PE in front of everyone who was so much fitter, athletic and slimmer than me, was my worst nightmare. The last one to get picked for teams, the one who was always lagging behind the rest, I'd much happier sit on the sidelines than take part in football or get whale comments during swimming. 

There were a few sports I liked though, some I even played on county teams for; netball, hockey, and I loved playing volleyball when we were allowed a 'treat' for PE. Badminton and tennis, they were OK too. Activities that either involved minimal movement, or sports which my size was actually an advantage for. 

My fear of being active in front of other people is something which has definitely followed me into adulthood and it's a feeling I can't shake. I want to start running, and even bought some beaut Nike running trainers to do just that. But the idea of going out and running (read: panting, sweating and managing four feet before I collapse in a heap) where people can see me? Hell no. I would love to go to the gym a few times a week, but that's literally my worst scenario; the worry that everyone would look at me and think, why is she even here? I used to go to the gym with a friend, but it was always super early in the morning when the gym was quiet, a gym I no longer live anywhere near. The idea of going to a busy town centre gym, of possibly bumping into someone I know, sends shivers down my spine. I just can't do it.

I need to lose another 4 stone. I know some people will say I don't 'need' to lose another 4 stone, but I believe I do. I want my body to be in that healthy bracket, where I'm not put in a category of obese, or morbidly obese. I've never been at the recommend size for my age, I've always been over weight and I'm tired of it. If you're a regular reader of Tattooed Tealady, you'll know I've been doing Weight Watchers and it's help me shed a couple of stone already, but healthy eating alone isn't going to get me to my goal, so I need to find a way to exercise that fits in with my schedule, my capabilities and my anxiety about exercising in general. 

Back when I was 16/17 and first became a Weight Watchers member (before stopping at 18, because clubbing was far more appealing), I found a way to lose weight quickly, in a very healthy way and in a way that complimented my body shape and helped me look a lot better overall. This is how I'm putting exercise back into my life now, 10 years down the line. 

I love dancing. It's something anyone can do, no matter your size or even your ability. Anyone can dance. Some of us dance well, some of us look a little bit funny as we do it and some of us have the dad dance down to a T. However you dance though, it's a really good way to burn calories and give yourself a good workout. The Ministry of Sound dance workout DVD's are my favourite, and the exact DVD's I turned to at 16, shedding at least 4-7lbs a week if I did it 3-4 times a week (alongside healthy eating). I have most of the workout DVD's Ministry of Sound brought out over the years, but the first one (from 2005!) has always been my favourite, so I recently re-purchased it for a bargain over on Amazon

My aim is to do the Pump it Up dance workout 3 times a week, to help my weight-loss keep going in the right direction and because gosh, I really do need to be fitter! I'm hoping once I've gained more confidence again with regular exercise, I'll even feel better about putting my Nike's to good use outside, opposed to just using them for dancing, too. If not? Dancing will do for me. It's fun, it's something I actually love and want to do, and exercise I can enjoy rather than feeling guilt-tripped into doing it. Besides, when wasn't shaking your booty fun? In the future, I hope to get a handy at-home exercise machine or exercise bike, which would fit into my office room nicely. I also want to look into starting Yoga, so if you have any tips, please do send them my way! 

If you're really into your fitness, or are starting out again like me, I'd love to hear your stories, what exercise works best for you and if you have, how you overcome exercising in public. 

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Daily Summer Skin Routine

A picture of Dr. Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer, Organic Surge Soothing Sweet Blossom Body Cream and Argan+ 5 Moroccan Rose Nourish & Renew Body Wash.
A picture of Dr. Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer, Organic Surge Soothing Sweet Blossom Body Cream and Argan+ 5 Moroccan Rose Nourish & Renew Body Wash.
A picture of Organic Surge Soothing Sweet Blossom Body Cream
I've got myself into quite a routine this summer, and it's left my skin very happy to say the least. This is the first summer that I've actively had my legs out more often, instead of opting for tights or leggings all the time, and that's massively down to the weight I've lost so far on Weight Watchers. This also means I'm putting a little bit more effort in to making sure my legs look good. Smooth skin, soft to touch and generally happier with more TLC every single day. Usually, I'd add a touch of self-tan in the summer too (my favourite is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion), but with tattoo appointments coming up, I have to leave my skin tan-free. 

I've pretty much devoured the Argan+ 5 Moroccan Rose Nourish & Renew Body Wash* (200ml, £3.30) over the past few weeks, finding the scent entirely addicted but also loving how soft it makes my skin feel, just from washing. I always apply body lotions or creams after a shower, because my skin can often feel drier afterwards, but the Moroccan Rose Body Wash leaves my skin feeling soft from the moment I use it! Using Moroccan Argan Oil combined with soothing Rose Otto Oil, it works to cleanse, calm and nourish skin. It just smells so amazing! Can't get enough of this one, and I think I may have to bulk-buy.

In the morning's I've been opting for the Organic Surge Soothing Sweet Blossom Body Cream* (150ml, £7.50), which in it's own right has a scent just as addictive. A light-weight cream, it's almost as if it's been whipped and little goes such a long way - I use less of this body cream each application, than I do my usual body butters, which also means it's lasting a lot longer too! With Pure Sweet Orange, She Butter and Cedarwood Essential Oils, it works to moisturise, calm, comfort, nourish and protect. It feels instantly soothing when applied, with added Aloe Vera, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day long. I think this is also my very favourite Organic Surge scent, another one I'll be stocking up on!

For evenings I've been going for something with a bit more oomph, a product which claims to help firm, tone and resculpt my skin. The Dr. Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer* (200ml, £19.99 - currently on offer for £9.99) is my first dabble into Dr. Ceuticals, and a product which has made me want to try more from the brand. With a much thicker consistency than the Sweet Blossom Body Cream, it actually massages in much easier than I expected and leaves my skin feeling ohh-la-la. It's perfect for popping on before bed, because although it's thicker in consistency, it feels weight-less on my skin. With Q10 and Vitamin B3, which work to improve our skins elasticity and firmness, it targets cellulite and fatty deposits, with skin-stimulating caffeine. Providing intense moisturise and hydration, continued use of this beauty in the evenings has left my skin feeling amazing by morning, every single time. OK so I've still got my dreaded cellulite, but it definitely hydrates, soothes and moisturises, with a delicate yet (another) addictive scent of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Almond Oil.

What products have been your summer staples? Have you tried any other products from Dr. Ceuticals you think I should give a go? What's your favourite scent for body care products? Let me know! 

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Pip the Bunny Gourmet E-Liquids

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